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Scholarships for Germany

Updated on Nov 15, 2022

To get a scholarship in a German institution, you must submit specific papers for the admissions or German scholarship application process. You must send supporting documentation with your application.

The letter of motivation, CV, academic transcripts, professional certifications, personal statement, and letter of reference are essential materials for the DAAD Scholarship application process.

Table of Contents

1 Scholarship Application form

The scholarship application form is the first and most crucial document you must submit when applying to a German university. It should be appropriately filled out, including all of your personal information, academic information, and information about your work experiences. Keep in mind that the information you submit to the authorities should be consistent with the information you provide in the other papers you submit along with the scholarship application.

Furthermore, most German institutions use an electronic application process that requires you to register on the website and create an applicant ID. You may be required to submit scanned documents in PDF format in addition to all of the information. Don't forget to sign the scholarship application form with your digital signatures.

Don’t forget to cross-check the documents before submitting them in case you miss out on anything.

2 Academic certificates

When applying for admission to a German institution, you must provide credentials proving your previous education. You must, however, ensure that these certifications have been translated into German and are certified legally. 

Official certification refers to the signing and sealing photocopies of your original certificate with a stamp.

  • Language proficiency in English or German must be demonstrated.

  • Proof of university entry qualifications or school graduation certificates.

  • A graduation certificate is a proof that you have completed your studies.

  • Your academic titles, such as Master or Bachelor, must be shown on your diploma certificate.

  • Additional credentials demonstrating your educational history, such as extracurricular training, professional training, etc.

  • A study plan or a research proposal

  • Letter of Motivation

  • Statement of Purpose

  • Letter of Intent

  • Certificates demonstrating employment experience or volunteer service.

Non-German or non-English documents must be translated into German or English.

3 FAQ’s

Q1. Can you work while you are on a DAAD scholarship?

Answer - You can work part-time while you are on a DAAD scholarship. However, you will need the permission of DAAD and your supervisor.

Q2. Are tuition fees covered in DAAD scholarships?

Answer - DAAD scholarships do not cover tuition fees, it mainly covers the cost of living in Germany.

Q3. What are the selection criteria for the DAAD scholarship?

Answer - The selection criteria for DAAD scholarships depend on academic excellence.

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