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Australia makes a great exotic study-abroad destination for international students. Officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia, the oceans surround the country. Along with beautiful beaches, the country has high academic standards of education administrated by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

Why Australia

For a country with just 40 universities, two international universities, and one private specialty university, the Australian government puts in a lot of effort. It takes a particular interest in the higher education sector, which has made Australia a country with high academic standards and qualifications recognized worldwide.   

30% of Australians are born overseas, making it one of the most culturally diverse nations with a large population of international students. Students from several countries come to Australia to seek quality higher education. During your course, you will get the opportunity to network with individuals from different nations.

Cities like Melbourne and Sydney come in the top 10 cities worldwide for higher education by QS World Ranking. Because of all these factors, Australia is the third most preferred destination for international students.


The admission process differs from university to university, but the following documents remain/general requirements remain staple for admission to higher education in Australia.

proof of exams.svg

Proof of English proficiency (TOEFL/IELTS)

exams (2).svg

GMAT/GRE for postgraduate programs

letter of recommendation.svg

Letters of recommendation


Statement of purpose

academic transcripts.svg

Academic transcripts


Copy of a valid passport

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Australia is home to just 43 universities -  40 universities, two international universities, and one private specialty university; even with fewer universities, it attracts over 700,000 international students yearly. According to QS World University Rankings 2022, eight of the 100 top universities are from Australia. 

Australia is home to The Group of Eight (G08) universities. These are research-intensive universities, and a large proportion of their research rates as ‘world-standard.’

University of Melbourne.png

University of Melbourne

Parkville, Victoria.

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The University of Sydney.png

The University of Sydney

Camperdown, New South Wales

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University of New South Wales.png

University of New South Wales

Kensington, New South Wales.

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The Australian education system offers students to pursue various programs such as Higher Education, VET, Schools, English Language programs, and non-awarding courses. Australian programs are Australian Qualification (AQF) recognized. Established in 1995, AQF is a national policy for regulated qualifications in Australian education, research, and training.

computer science.svg Computer Science MBA.svg MBA Electronics.svg Engineering design.svg Design data science.svg Data Science
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Finance for Studying in Australia

Level of Education

Average Cost Per Year (in AUD)

Undergraduate Degree

AUD 20,000 - 45,000

Graduate Degree

AUD 22,000 - 50,000

Doctoral Degree

AUD 18,000 - 42,000

Living Expense

One of the significant benefits of studying in Australia is that one gets to enjoy a high standard of living, which does not come with a high price tag. The quality of education, transportation, healthcare, infrastructure, and more are amongst the best a country could offer.    


Average Cost


AUD 750

Food and Groceries

AUD 250


AUD 100


AUD 200

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The Australian government spends approximately 200 million dollars yearly, offering international students scholarships, fellowships, grants, and bursaries. 

Government-funded Scholarships for international students

  1. Australian Awards Scholarships (AAS)

  2. Destination Australia Awards 

  3. Research Training Program

Other Scholarships for international students

  1. International Water Centre Scholarships for International Students 

  2. The Northcote Graduate Scholarship

  3. Fulbright Program

Apart from the scholarships mentioned above, various university-specific scholarships are available for international students.

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When studying abroad, the cost of living is a primary consideration. The monthly cost of living in Australia is around AUD 20,000 per month; this cost is besides the tuition fees. 

A small caveat when choosing Australia as one's study abroad destination is that Australian Universities provide little to no housing options for international students. However, some universities offer on-campus accommodation. We recommend contacting your institution to find out what accommodation options they can offer. 

On-campus accommodation

University-managed accommodation: These accommodations and facilities are operated and maintained by the university for the exclusive use of students. The accommodations are usually fully furnished, and other costs such as electricity and water bills are included in the rent. Students wanting on-campus housing should apply well in advance.

Cost: AUD 100 to AUD 700.

Off-campus Accommodation

Homestay: Considered one of the safest types of accommodation, where students will be leaving with Australian families right in their home.

  • Valuable cultural experience 

  • A fully furnished room

  • Properly arranged meals

AUD 250 to AUD 350 per week

Private Rentals: Type of accommodation not connected to the university. Many students in Australia choose to share the cost of a rental property with several housemates.

  • Offers a lot more independence than other accommodations.

  • Will help students to become self-sufficient and responsible

  • Students would have to look after household chores like cleaning, groceries, paying bills etc.

AUD 100 to AUD 500 per week (shared)



International students seeking higher studies admission to Australia must apply for a subclass 500 visa. A subclass 500 visa will let students stay in Australia for the duration of their study program (usually five years).

passport.svg Copy of valid Passport visa documents.svg Financial Documents i20.svg Form I-20 ds160.svg Copy of DS-160 sevis fee receipt.svg SEVIS Fee Receipt

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Australia has a high employment rate due to the low density of its population; hence it provides a range of working options. International students can work while completing their studies and supplement some of the attendance costs of the university.

Part-time Work Opportunity 

A subclass 500 visa will make international students eligible to work in any sector. However, students must also hold an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). Students pursuing an undergraduate degree can work up to 40 hours per fortnight during term time. If students are pursuing a master's or doctorate, they are allowed to work unlimited hours, as long as they meet their coursework requirements. 

Full-time Work Opportunity/Post-study Work Opportunity 

With its world-class education ecosystem, top-class universities, robust economy, and high standard of living, Australia has quickly emerged as a go-to study abroad destination and to settle down for international students.

Skilled Grate Visa (Subclass 485)

This visa allows international students who have completed at least two years of study in Australia to live and work in the country for between 18 months and four years. The visa has four streams: Graduate Work stream Post-study work stream Secondary post-study work stream Replacement stream

Employer-sponsored Visa (Subclass 186)

This visa applies to international students who are qualified or have sufficient experience in an eligible occupation. 186 visa holders can work in Australia indefinitely, travel to and from Australia for five years, and apply for Australian citizenship (if applicable).

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In Australia, international students get the option of working part-time. At the same time, they study in Australia, thus getting hands-on work experience so that students can connect to professional networks and work after completing their studies. Many people who have a degree from Australia seek employment in areas that resonate with their degree. The most common fields are education, science, business, healthcare, engineering, and law.

Even with the high living standards, the cost of living in Australia is considerably lower than other options like the USA or UK. Tuition fees at Australian universities vary substantially depending on where to study, what you study, and the level you will be studying at.

List of some affordable universities in Australia 

  1. University of Wollongong

  2. University of New England

  3. University of Victoria

The Government of Australia spends 200 million dollars annually to provide scholarships, fellowships, grants, and bursaries to international students, and various university-specific scholarships are available for international students.

Because Australia allows international students to work on their student visa (subclass 500), every student should try to seek this golden opportunity and kick-start their careers in Australia itself. 

If your end goal is to settle in Australia, then it's better to pursue programs that are in demand in Australia.

  1. Computer Science and Information Technology 

  2. Agriculture, Environmental and Related Studies

  3. Management and Commerce

  4. Health

  5. Food, Hospitality, and Personal Services


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