Our Technology

Conversational AI

Intelligent chatbot assistant enhances student engagement and enrollment by easing access to information and FAQ's through a conversational experience.
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Student Success Predictor

Track each student's academic progress at a granular level. Access automated insights to predict the chances of a student dropping out, months in advance.
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Essay and SOP Grading

Expedite evaluations using intelligent document analysis and grading. Get accurate insights on the presence or absence of relevant topics.
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Video Interview Analysis

Evaluate interviews through insights on behavioural characteristics and emotion analysis for your Admissions Office and students seeking jobs.
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Document Recognition

Automatically identify and label essential student documents such as transcripts and résumés. Extract insights such as grades and work experience.

Alumni Connector

Enhance your institution's engagement with your alumni network. Stay connected with alumni to manage donations and campus interactions.

Future Move Predictor

Predictive analysis helps you groom students most likely to apply for jobs or enroll in higher education programs.

Application Management Toolkit

Manage your incoming applications with an intuitive and easy to use interface that streamlines your entire enrollment process.

Digital Ad Manager

Maximize your digital marketing ROI with AI generated keyword suggestions, bid amounts and ad copy.

Program Recommendations

Recommend the most appropriate programs to students depending on their interests and scores.

Conversational AI - A chatbot that learns as you talk

Chatbots are available 24/7 to provide users with a seamless human-like conversational experience and help Universities engage better with students. Our chatbots are built using Google’s Dialogflow framework which uses natural language processing to accurately answer thousands of quesions within a split second. Understanding the content already present on your website enables our chatbots to answer questions without you having to spend too much effort. We also support voice input and output. If required, the chatbot can automatically transfer the conversation to a live agent for further assistance.
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Video Interview Analysis - A data driven approach to evaluating interview candidates

By analyzing a variety of parameters such as facial movement, gestures and voice pitch, Video Interview Analysis gives you detailed insights on the candidate's confidence, assertiveness and several other behavioral characteristics that are critical to success. Understanding the nuances of gestures and emotions can help you score interviews like never before. Augment your admissions office's interview process by making it data driven. What's more, students can use this to help them prepare for job interviews and increase their chances of success.
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Essay & SOP Grading - Significantly reduce evaluation time and effort

Evaluating essays and Statements of Purpose are critical, yet some of the most time consuming activities at every University. iSchoolconnect's technology can analyze every paragraph to give you detailed insights on its context along with instantly flagging issues about grammar, plagiarism and sentence structure. This significantly reduces evaluation time and effort. Alternatively students can utilize this tool to improve their performance and write better essays.
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Student Success Predictor - Understand your students' chances of success using data

Comprehensive performance monitoring is invaluable in understanding student success. With performance data from all your classrooms at your fingertips, you can work with students where they most need help. Our AI model compares individual student profiles against a constellation of historical data and predicts the likelihood of outcomes such as course completion or graduation. The biggest benefit of predictive models is that they can identify at-risk students with much higher accuracy than a person. We help you you navigate the complex matrix of factors that influence whether a student is likely to drop out or graduate.
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iSchoolConnect's technology can be customized to suit your needs at every step of a student's journey through your institution

We integrate with applications that you already use, for a seamless and hassle free experience

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