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Education Loan for Masters

Updated on Nov 15, 2022

EMIs (equivalent monthly payments) are used to repay all sorts of student loans over 15 years. The payback period begins one year after the course has ended. If the loan amount surpasses INR 4 lakh, the margin given for loans is 15%. The payback term normally begins six months after the completion of the course.

Before you take out the loan, you should consider how you'll return it. To reap the benefits of prompt repayment, students must be aware of banking rules involving student loans and fundamental financial planning.

Students may manage their student loan repayments in several ways with all education loan providers. There are a few crucial aspects to consider while repaying a student loan:

  • How to repay a debt, when to repay it, and how much to return are all possibilities for student loan repayment.

  • Tips and tactics for students with student loans to make the most out of the loan scheme's features.

  • Calculating the EMI is the most exciting application component before and after taking out an education loan.

  • Multiply the cost of each EMI by the total number of EMIs due to arrive at the total number of EMIs payable. Applicants must have proper information on school loan interest to make these calculations.

Students might increase their EMI to pay less interest and repay their college loans sooner than expected. Alternatively, they can prolong the study loan tenure (length) to suit the EMIs within their budgetary constraints.

Repayment Options for Student Loans on Bachelor degrees abroad

Now that you know how many EMIs will be required to repay your education loan, it's critical to understand the various payment options available. Students sometimes overlook early payment options. As a result, they're stuck with an extended repayment time and exorbitant interest rates. The following is a comprehensive overview of all student loan repayment options: -

Table of Contents

1 EMIs on student loans Bachelor degrees abroad

EMI is the most popular way to keep your school loan repayments organized and self-directed (easy monthly installment). EMIs are a set amount of money determined at the time of loan application that students can pay each month to repay their study loan in installments. The EMI is a sum that includes the amount of student loan interest that must be paid and a percentage of the loan principal.

EMI = (Annual interest on loan amount disbursed)/12 + principal loan amount component

Every month, the EMI component of the original loan amount is deducted from your borrowed amount, which is how you return your entire education loan. The loan's interest rate component remains constant; therefore, the higher the EMI, the larger the component of the principal amount, and the faster you pay off the loan.

2 Part-payment of a student loan - Bachelor degrees

In addition to the EMIs, students might pay a lump-sum amount at regular intervals to repay their study loan. Applicants can repay their student loan a little earlier and minimize their overall interest payment in this way.

3 Pre-payment or foreclosure - Bachelor degrees

Pre-payment or foreclosure of an education loan is an option for students who can repay the loan in one go. Almost all banks are now required to provide this service due to recent changes in banking regulations, but some still charge a processing fee. Even so, paying off a student loan altogether is preferable to paying it off slowly.

4 What are the different modes of repayment?

Applicants can return their study loans in various ways, and every bank accepts them. Some loans, such as school loans for study abroad, have strict payment requirements. A better understanding of student loan repayment options makes it easier for applicants. Here are some loan repayment options:

  • Repay Education Loan by Cheque/DD (Demand Draft repayment)

  • Education loan repayment by cash

  • Automated EMI payments (ECS/NACH) of student loans

5 What are some repayment tips?

  • Planning crucial for Education loan repayment 

  • Make a small extra payment with each installment.

  • While you're studying, get a part-time job. 

  • It's better to automate your payments.

  • It's a good idea to pay off variable-rate loans initially.

  • Take financial help from your employer if possible.

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