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Education Loans for UK

Updated on Nov 15, 2022

We understand that the process of collecting this information on education loans can be pretty overwhelming, given the myriad sources of information available on the internet. It is common knowledge that most students borrow an education loan to study in the UK

Below you will find a comprehensive understanding of the different financial prerequisites that all applicants must meet before beginning their higher education in the UK. It will also explain the process of applying for a UK education loan.

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1 What are the available options for an education loan for the UK?

Unsecured education loans for the United Kingdom: It is well known that NBFCs are the largest suppliers of unsecured education loans. Most NBFCs would not consider students who require an unsecured education loan for the UK to support their higher education. The main reason for this is that NBFCs have had several incidents in the past where they have issued unsecured loans for the same purpose, and those loans have turned out to be unsatisfactory.

Due to the UK's employment-friendly immigration policies, most students who complete their degrees in the UK go on to work there. As a result, many private banks and NBFCs face trust issues in providing students in need with unsecured school loans in the UK. If you approach any of the leading NBFCs directly for an education loan in the UK, you may be disappointed.

2 Secured education loans for the UK

A secured student loan to study in the United Kingdom is the most cost-effective way to fund your education. When it comes to financing your higher education in another country, collateral-based education loans from reputable government banks are always the preferable alternative.

Secured loans are always cheap as compared to unsecured education loans due to the following reasons:

  • Secured loans are always affordable in comparison to unsecured education loans.

  • The interest rates on secured student loans are far too modest.

  • Processing fees are relatively less.

  • There is a lower chance that your student visa application will be denied.

Students who have taken an education loan for the UK must meet certain financial requirements.

When students get their university admissions, one of the first things they should do is obtain a CAS certificate from their chosen university. Students must deposit a set sum as token money to obtain this certificate.

The amount of the token money varies for each university. If you believe the amount quoted by your university is excessive, you will have to include this as an expense in your education loan application. In that case, you must account for the time (1 month prior to your visa process) required to obtain the CAS certificate from your respective university before applying for a UK education loan.

There are 23 universities approved by the UK government where the student is not required to give proof of income or financial support. It is recommended to go through the list before you apply for an education loan.

3 Application Process

Application Review - Once your application has been submitted, we will work with the credit department of our FIs to get your decision faster. The application goes directly to the loan officer, where we reduce the TAT and provide faster processing.

Provisional Offer - Once the bank's provisional offer is received, we will assist you in understanding the terms and circumstances. The fine print, as well as the pros and cons of each lender, might be discussed. We will conclude the loan depending on cost and convenience once discussed.

Providing your Disbursal Documents - Once we have finalized the lender, we will help you speed up the disbursal documentation. The UK requires pre-disbursal before VISA, and we help you speed up the process.

Disbursement - In case of the United Kingdom, you are required to either take a loan from a bank approved by the UKBA or keep the funds for 28 days. If you have taken a loan from an NBFC, you must pre-disburse the amount and keep it in your savings bank account for 28 days.

The United Kingdom has changed the requirements for the TIER 4 visa, allowing you to stay in the country for up to two years after completing the course. This law has undoubtedly boosted the number of students seeking to further their education in the United Kingdom. Financial companies have also reduced the criteria for UK education loans.

4 FAQs

Q. How can I ensure that my UK education loan gets approved on time?

Ans: If you intend to study in the UK with the support of an education loan, bear the following considerations in mind before applying. One of the most significant disadvantages of applying for a secured education loan to study in the UK from a government bank is the lengthy processing period required to authorize education loans. However, because most nationalized banks do not prioritize education loans, many students face the problem of delayed UK education loan sanctions.

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