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Updated on Nov 15, 2022

Taking out a student loan has several benefits! After receiving loan approval for your education, you are eligible for tax advantages from the IRS. You may qualify for tax benefits while repaying your college debt.

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1 What are the advantages in terms of taxation?

The tax code provides you with advantages that allow you to save money. A "tax advantage" policy permits you to minimize your tax burden, provided you fulfill particular qualifying criteria. A tax advantage might come from a credit or a deduction.

Interest paid on your student loan is subtracted from your total taxable income when calculating taxable income. Because STEM students earn more than their counterparts, their tax savings are enormous.

Look at the tax advantages you may be eligible for if you apply for an education loan to study abroad.

The Income Tax Act of 1961 gives various tax advantages for a loan utilized for higher education. The total interest may be erased, and the loan's effective cost is decreased. The entire cost of the education loan might be reduced in this way. Both the applicant and the co-signer are eligible for this benefit.

2 Criteria for Eligibility

Tax benefits are available to students and parents who pay off the loan first. Income tax deductions are only available for interest paid. For more than eight years, no deductions may be claimed.,

Moreover, you are only eligible for tax benefits if you take out a loan from a licensed institution.

3 What is the procedure for filing a claim for tax relief?

When you start paying interest on your loan, you can start claiming tax advantages. If you begin paying on this debt within the same year you obtained it, you can deduct the interest you paid. The deduction for the loan can be claimed for up to 8 years, starting when you repay the loan's interest or until the debt is completely paid off.

4 Tax benefits in the US

The deduction on your student loan allows you to deduct up to $2,500 in interest paid on eligible student loans over the year. If your modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) is less than $70,000, you can deduct the interest on your student loans.

5 FAQs

Question 1: What is the eligibility to claim tax benefits?

Answer: The eligibility to claim tax benefits are as follows -

  • Income Limits: Taxpayers having a MAGI of more than $80,000 ($165,000 if married and filing jointly) are not eligible for a deduction.

  • Restrictions: The loan covered tuition, fees, books, or living costs.

  • Institution's Eligibility: Colleges and universities typically accredited, public or private, are eligible.

  • Loans taken out for your education: If you're a student paying off student loans while still in school, you might also be eligible for this deduction.

Question 2: Is interest on student loans deductible in the United States?

Answer: Borrowers can deduct up to $2,500 of interest paid for a higher-education loan directly on Form 1040. The deduction is capped at the amount paid for individuals who spend less than $2,500. The income level and filing status of an individual determine whether or not they are eligible for the deduction.

Question 3: Is it possible for the US Department of Education to seize my tax refund?

Answer: To have your tax refund withheld, you must have defaulted on federal student loans. The federal student loans default after 270 days of missed payments. Tax refund garnishment is not an option for private student loans in default. Before your refunds are seized, your loan holder will issue you a tax offset notice.

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