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Scholarships for Australia

Updated on Nov 15, 2022

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1 Global Academic Excellence Scholarship

University of Adelaide

The Global Academic Excellence Scholarship has a competitive selection process. Academic excellence is the primary criterion for scholarship selection.

Students are required to have achieved high academic results in their previous courses. The scores in their earlier courses decide whether or not the candidate will be selected for the scholarship. 

To increase their chances of being accepted for the scholarship, a student must have a GPA of 6.8 for the undergraduate and postgraduate courses, depending on the scholarship requirements.

2 Vice - chancellor’s international scholarship

University of Sydney

The scholarship does not require a separate application. The scholarship will be considered for all eligible students who have received an offer from the authorities.

Selection will be made based on academic merit as shown by the student's entrance application.

The Executive Director's two nominees for Sydney Future Students, as well as one nominee from Admissions, make up the selection committee. The decision of the committee is said to be final.

The University of Sydney's selection committee comprises nominees from the Executive Director, Admissions Office, and Global Student Recruitment.

The Sydney Vice Chancellor's International Scholarship is awarded mostly based on an applicant's academic merit. Other criteria, however, are taken into consideration, including:

  • Achievements outside of the classroom

  • SOP on a single page

  • Attempts to study in Australia have resulted in several exams.

  • Experience in the workplace

In addition, an applicant's performance in the interview session is scrutinized.

3 Griffith Remarkable Scholarship

To apply for the Griffith Remarkable Scholarships, you are required to follow these steps:

  • Apply online or through a registered foreign recruitment agent.

  • You can apply through QTAC or UAC if you are currently enrolled in an Australian high school.

  • Apply to Griffith University for an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework program.

  • Apply for the scholarship before the deadline. You'll need to submit academic transcripts as well as a personal statement.

  • A University panel will review your application.

  • Your application will be reviewed, and the outcome will be communicated to you.

4 UTS Vice-Chancellor’s

International Undergraduate Scholarship

The Scholarship will be given to the candidate with outstanding academic excellence in the academic qualification used as a foundation for admission into the selected UTS Bachelor degree program, as well as the applicant's responses to the questions posed in the UTS online scholarship application.

5 Future Leaders Scholarship

Victoria University

When students confirm and submit their scholarship application, the University will assess their eligibility for the course first and then for the scholarship second.

The scholarship is subject to the following points:

  • A good academic record

  • Student visa for international students

  • The need for monetary assistance

  • The University has complete discretion over all decisions, and the terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.

6 FAQ’s

Q1. Is there a full scholarship for Australia?

Answer - There are more than 1000 scholarships in Australia’s top universities.

Q2. What are the 3 types of scholarships for Australia?

Answer - Community service scholarships, athletic and academic scholarships are the 3 types of scholarships in Australia

Q3. How much CGPA is required for a scholarship for Australia?

Answer -  Candidates with a CGPA of 5.5 - 6 and a 60% or higher in 12th Standard or their bachelor's degree are considered for scholarships.

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