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Updated on Nov 15, 2022

The DAAD is one of the largest financial organizations, supporting over 100,000 students and researchers each year. It makes no difference where you come from if you want to earn a grant since the DAAD awards scholarships to bright students worldwide.

Graduates, doctoral students, and postdoctoral researchers are the primary beneficiaries of DAAD funds. However, language students can also benefit from the same. Scholarships for Germany are even available for those who want to study or do research in their own country.

  • The candidate must possess a bachelor's degree at least six years old.

  • At least two years of work experience in the applicant's profession is required.

  • The prerequisite for German or English varies entirely on the degree program chosen by the student.

  • Get the DAAD scholarship application form and fill it out with the required information.

  • Obtain the Europas Specimen form and prepare your CV, which must be signed by hand.

  • In addition to the current job reference, the candidate must get a Motivation letter hand-signed.

  • If the university requests a research proposal, submit it.

  • In addition, you should provide a letter of recommendation from your former university.

  • A letter of recommendation from the head of the department where you worked.

  • After finishing the studies and returning to the respective nation, a letter of assurance for re-employment.

Table of Contents

1 Evidence of English proficiency

  • German Language: This is a prerequisite for programs conducted in German.

  • IELTS: Check each university's website for information on the band score needed.

  • The TOEFL exam is not accepted.

  • Look for and apply for DAAD-funded programs in Germany that you'd want to participate in.

After you have all of the papers mentioned above, we recommend that you look for any additional necessary documents for the program you have chosen.

Universities may accept needed documents either online through the mail or both. 

You may apply to German institutions now that they accept scholarship applications, and you can quickly look for DAAD Scholarships at these universities.

2 FAQ’s

Q1. Can you stay in Germany after a DAAD scholarship?

Answer - If you can find a job in Germany during this period, you can stay in Germany and get a residence permit.

Q2. How much percentage is required for a scholarship in Germany?

Answer- You must have completed your prior degree with 85%.

Q3. Can you study in Germany tuition-free?

Answer - German universities allow everyone to study in Germany tuition-free.

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