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Scholarships for other countries

Updated on Nov 15, 2022

One of the essential things to remember is that before applying for a scholarship, you should contact an adviser or a consultant at the university to which you plan to apply (or have already applied) for further information.

Some of the documents required for the scholarship application procedure are the same as those required by the institution when you apply for a Bachelor's or Master's degree.

Table of Contents

1 Passport

An international passport is a document that contains information such as the owner's name, birth date, passport number, passport issue/expiration date, and so on. It is issued by a government agency in charge of immigration, hence is crucial to travel abroad to pursue further education.

For your scholarship application to be complete, you must include or provide all prior study certifications together with your transcripts. These documents will contain your grades, test results, and speciality.

And by looking into this, the admissions committee may determine how competent applicants are for the degree they want to pursue. Such candidates' scholarship applications will not be evaluated if these papers are not accessible.

2 Financial proof

Most nations require students to have adequate finances to cover tuition, living expenses, and housing, among other things. For a need-based scholarship, it is essential to submit proof of income.

If the student wishes to study on a scholarship, he must show official paperwork from the scholarship organization outlining the award's terms and conditions.

3 Visa

When studying abroad, the visa should be the most priority in a student's mind. Once you get your invitation letter, go to the embassy of the country where you want to study and present them with papers such as your invitation letter, international passport, health certificates, passport pictures, certificates and diplomas, birth certificate, and other certificates if required.

Having all the documents handy while applying for a study visa is essential. The visa fees and the interview is arranged with the embassy.

4 Education certificates

Send a transcript of your academic records from the most recent school you attended or are presently attending. The transcript of records is a photocopied document that lists all of your courses, as well as the grades and credits you earned in each. Your school's or faculty's official signature and stamp should appear on this document.

Other educational records that are required include the following - 

  • Proof of English language competency (or another language used as the medium of instruction for the study program you choose) for English might include the following: Cambridge, IELTS, and TOEFL.

  • DELE (Spanish)

  • DELF or DALF in French

  • DSH, TestDaF, OSD, and telc

5 Statement of purpose

The Statement of Purpose should be one page long and roughly 400 words long, in which you describe why you applied to the particular degree and how it connects to your future education and job aspirations. It is critical to be honest in this statement or the letter of motivation and not to unnecessarily exaggerate anything. You should also give a quick overview of your qualities and how they relate to your chosen degree.

6 Letter of recommendation

Only one of your teachers who monitored your work should write a letter of recommendation. It's usually just one, but you may be required to produce two letters of recommendation in certain situations. This letter provides further information to the scholarship sponsor about your traits, abilities, intellectual aptitude, and your desire or motivation for the degree course or university of your choice. It includes volunteer work too.

7 A medical report

A medical report is signed by a medical clinic or hospital in your own country.

Candidates must translate the documents into either English or the official language of the destination country. The candidate also needs to check the particular criteria for document language!

8 FAQ's

Question 1: Is a gap certificate required for a scholarship?

Answer: A gap certificate is required for students who have taken a break during their studies.

Question 2: Do scholarships require transcripts?

Answer: The majority of the scholarships require transcripts to verify your GPA.

Question 3: Which information should you never provide during the scholarship application?

Answer: Social Security number, driver's license number, banking information, or credit card number are specific details you shouldn't provide for your scholarship application

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