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Updated on Nov 15, 2022

Scholarship applications require applicants to submit certain mandatory documents linked to the application and help the selection committee pick the right candidate. A well-written submitted application might also give you an advantage over other scholarship applicants.

If you are applying for a scholarship for bachelor’s, review the criteria and requirements to know what documents the scholarship requires. Here are some of them-

  • A copy of your admission letter serves as proof of acceptance into a university.

  • A copy of your transcript proves that you have completed high school.

  • To confirm your identification, provide a copy of your passport.

All document copies must be color scans, and the details provided are authentic.

Table of Contents

1 Transcript of Records

Your academic success during your studies is detailed on an academic transcript. All of the topics you've taken and your grades are mentioned in the academic transcripts. Since every element will be on the transcript, a solid academic record will set you apart before the scholarship committee.

2 Letters of Recommendation or Reference

The letter of recommendation is also critical in your application evaluation for screening. This document allows the selection committee to provide feedback on your talents, capabilities, attitude, conduct, academic flexibility, and other aspects of your personality.

3 Language proficiency

Language proficiency refers to your ability to communicate in the needed language. If you are not a native English speaker, you must produce a certificate of English language competency from any exam (IELTS, TOFEL, GRE, etc.).

Many scholarships for bachelor’s state that native speakers and those who received their degree or education from institutions where English was the medium of instruction or teaching are excluded. If the language of instruction is in a language other than English, you will be required to learn the nation's language.

4 Statement of purpose

Statement of purpose and motivating letter are two titles for the same paper, which is required for Bachelor, Master, Ph.D., and Postdoctoral applicants and carry the most weight in your application.

In this document, you need to talk about - 

  • A brief introduction 

  • Details on your education

  • Your interest (what you want to do)

  • Motivation (why you want to do it)

  • Issues and significance

  • Goals

5 Cover letter

The cover letter is a document that goes with your CV and discusses anything unique about your application with the recruiter.

The cover letter includes - 

  • Heading 

  • Subject

  • Explanatory Paragraph 

  • Experience and Education

  • Ability or capabilities

6 Suggestions for writing a cover letter

  • Choose a format that is simple, short, and appealing.

  • It should be unique.

  • Write a short paragraph about yourself and your career objective.

  • Specify why you are interested in the scholarship.

  • If you include a profile photo, it should appear professional rather than casual.

7 A degree certificate

If you are applying for a scholarship for your bachelor’s, you may be asked to present your junior college certificate. Applicants for a scholarship for bachelor’s must produce their 12th-grade certificate, confirming that they have completed their prior study program. This paper can be emailed or sent to the scholarship application website.

8 Proof of Nationality and Address

International students seeking scholarships must present proof of nationality or residence. This is to determine whether or not the candidate is from the country.

9 FAQ’s

Q1. Do you need to reapply for your scholarship for bachelor’s every year?

Answer - No, your scholarship will automatically pay for each semester of eligibility if you complete the renewal conditions.

Q2. What if your residency status changes after you are awarded a scholarship for bachelor’s?

Answer - Your scholarship will be lost if your residence status changes after you enroll. The Office of Admissions will not consider you for a different scholarship.

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