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5 Biggest mistakes to avoid while writing a statement of purpose

A student writing a statement of purpose

What if my Statement of purpose is not good enough? What if my writing style isn’t up to the mark? What if my SOP is too common? These are some questions running through the mind of a student writing a statement of purpose for their college applications. To help with that, we tell how to write a statement of purpose and what to avoid while doing so!

Now, we don’t blame you for feeling this way. Your SOP is what makes or breaks your college application. Before you begin, you need to have some information about how to write a statement of purpose. While it’s not impossible, writing an effective SOP is pretty stressful. To help negate the stress, it is crucial to back your abilities and have full faith in your writing style.

To help you overcome this pressure, we have a few tips on the mistakes to avoid while writing an SOP and the best successful advice on how to write a statement of purpose.

1) Boasting and Bragging

Girl talking about writing a statement of purpose
Be careful that your confidence is not mistaken as arrogance

You need to know the delicate balance between informing and boasting. Your essay should be the reflection of the confidence you have. You need to keep in mind that boasting about achievements shows a great deal of insecurity. Bragging about your achievements also gives an impression of self-importance and conceit. This is not the kind of impression you want a selection committee to have of you.

2) Beating around the Bush

The one thing that all selection committee members despise is candidates not coming to the point. Many candidates needlessly focus on elaborating the fine details that they forget to put a persuasive reason that keeps the reader hooked. Create an outline containing the experiences and achievements you want to talk about and then structure the essay accordingly. Carry on fine-tuning the essay until you feel that the SOP does not beat around the bush and is perfect for presentation.

3) Contradiction

A cat confused about statement of purpose
Make sure you don’t write confusing statements in your SOP

This is the one thing that happens when students try to present and carve an image of themselves rather than showcasing their true self. For example, your SOP might state that you love sports; however, the resume does not have any mention of your sporting activities. Such tactics will send confusing and contradicting signals to the committee.

4) Weak Introduction

A strong introduction sets the tone of your essay. An introduction that does not gain the attention of the reader renders the SOP useless. To ensure that you have a gripping introduction, connect your personal background with the academic goals you want to achieve. Avoid providing irrelevant background information and making unclear statements about your future goals.

5) Writing an SOP at the Eleventh Hour

A cat writing a statement of purpose
Don’t copy this cat. Be sure you start working on your SOP a month before you submit it

It is easy to differentiate a hurriedly written SOP from one that is well thought-out and engaging. Therefore, the art of how to write a statement of purpose is a gradual process; good SOPs are a result of days of introspection and hard work. Therefore, it is advised that you take the SOP seriously and write with a clear state of mind. If you want your SOP to stand out from the other SOPs, it is imperative that you don’t make mistakes like the ones mentioned above.

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