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About Us

Studying at a prestigious university abroad is something that thousands of students from all over the world dream about. The application process is exciting and at the same time, a daunting endeavor.

Which programs should I apply to? Which universities do I have the highest chances of getting accepted into? What are my best options according to my budget? Are my GPA and test scores high enough to get me into my dream university?

Researching about and applying to foreign universities is a complicated and time consuming hassle. But it doesn't have to be. iSchoolConnect is the simple one stop shop for all your higher education requirements.

  • Get answers to all your questions through our Artificial Intelligence powered chatbot.
  • Get personalized university and program recommendations based on your profile and test scores.
  • Speak 1-on-1 with our in house higher education consultants for help with SOPs, essays and tuition fees.
  • Apply to thousands of university programs through a single application form. Answer questions only once!
  • Get perks like free international sim cards and housing assistance once you are admitted.

Your foreign university admission is just a step away. Find out how it works.

Fast track your journey towards a successful admission.


An online Platform trusted across countries for applying for masters studies in the US. Get university information, requirements and advice. Apply using a single application.


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