Full Tuition Scholarships for international students

Top 10 full tuition scholarships for international students | How to apply!

If you are looking to study abroad but feel stuck because you don't have enough funding, look no further. Check out this list of the top 10 full tuition scholarships for international students and start applying right away! Pursuing an academic career abroad can be costly. And actually receiving a scholarship sounds like an achievement. But if you pick the right scholarship and work hard on building your profile, it won't ...

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SOP for scholarship

7 insider tips to help you write the perfect SOP for scholarship

An SOP for scholarship is very different from the Statement of Purpose you write for your university applications. The knowledge and the tips shared in this blog will show you how to write the perfect SOP and help you get the scholarship you are aiming for! Writing a Statement of Purpose is not easy, especially when it’s an SOP for scholarship. You need to consider a lot of factors before you start, ...

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Highest-paying part-time jobs in Australia

10 highest-paying part-time jobs in Australia for international students

Australia is one of the few countries that allow students to work 20 hours a week AND pays them well. No matter which of these highest-paying part-time jobs in Australia you pick, it will help you cover a lot of your expenses! Studying abroad can be expensive. But if you’re smart about it, you can easily cover both your tuition and living costs and pay for your education by yourself. You ...

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Education loan for abroad studies

Education loan for abroad studies | Collateral vs Non-collateral

Taking an education loan for abroad studies is a difficult choice to make. This guide will tell you how an education loan can help, what’s the right amount to borrow, what types of loans are there, and much more. Read on! Applying for an education loan for abroad studies is not as difficult as you might think. You are not the first person to do it and you won’t be the ...

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Graduate Assistant jobs

All about Graduate Assistant jobs and how they can aid your education

Graduate assistant jobs can be a great way to get real-world experience, earn some money, while also doing cutting-edge research in your intended field. Some graduate assistant jobs offer students several opportunities and workers benefits, helping them forge connections that can jumpstart their careers. Getting a graduate assistantship can be daunting, especially for international students, when but broken down they are not that scary. Keep reading to find out all you ...

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How to pay for your own college education

How to pay for your own college education | 8 time-tested strategies

A lot of students choose not to study abroad because they think it’s too expensive. But these 8 strategies will tell you how to pay for your own college education and skyrocket your career abroad. When planning to go abroad, it’s normal to worry about how you will pay for your own college education. You have to consider how much tuition the university will charge, the amount you will have to ...

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iSchoolConnect Scholarship

iSchoolConnect Scholarship | Scholarships for International Students

The iSchoolConnect Scholarship allows countless students across the globe to fulfill their study abroad dreams without worrying about their finances. Read on to know about the scholarship eligibility, details, registration, & more. Your search for study abroad scholarships ends here. The iSchoolConnect Scholarship is providing exemplary students the opportunity to study abroad and broaden their knowledge. A humble contribution that took seed in the mind of our CEO, Ashish Fernando, the ...

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Girl confused about the difference between CPT vs OPT

Difference between CPT vs OPT | Rules for working in USA

International students often look for work options right after their Masters in the USA. Yet, many employment opportunities are strongly restricted and have many complex rules. So, here's everything you need to know about options like CPT, OPT, and most importantly, the difference between CPT vs OPT. If you are an F-1 international student, you will have the option of training in the United States. But which is the best option ...

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