Everything You Need to Know About GRE

Know everything about GRE exam for USA.

There is a lot of jumbling information on the internet about the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) that confuses us to no end. So here is a neat and detailed account of everything you need to know about GRE.

Whether you’re a young student aiming for admission in a credible college or a professional aspiring to hone your craft for better career prospects, there is a lot to ponder over before selecting and applying for an educational program. Many colleges require students to take exams like SAT, MCAT or ACT before being eligible for their programs. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is one such exam, and in this article we tell you everything about it.

What is GRE?

Find out more about what is GRE exam
GRE is a measure of your skills required to succeed on a graduate level

It’s common for students to scratch their heads and wonder what GRE is. For starters, it’s a broad assessment of a student’s aptitude. The exam measures a student’s skills related to disciplines like critical thinking, analytical writing and verbal and quantitative reasoning.

Most international universities and degree programs require a GRE exam for the USA university aspirants.

How much does the GRE Exam Cost?

GRE exam cost differs for the first and second attempt
ETS offers fee reductions to students who prove their financial hardship.

The registration fee of the exam is $205, but opting to change the test center or rescheduling the exam can cost you an extra $50.

How to Register?

Registration process for GRE exam for USA is straightforward
Make sure you pick the right test date and understand the policies before you register

The registration process for GRE is pretty straightforward. The candidate has to register online on the ETS website before the test date to be eligible for the test. ETS administers the GRE and the exam is conducted at prometric test centers.

How is the GRE exam scored?

Some universities consider GRE score of mainly quantitative
The test is scored out of an overall of 340 marks

The exam is comprised of three main sections: Analytical Writing, Verbal Section and Quantitative Reasoning. The Quantitative and Verbal sections are graded on a scale of 130-170 each, whereas analytical writing scores range between 0-6.

Some colleges require additional test sections to be taken with the GRE test, but they’re not graded in the final score of the test. The GRE test score in each exam is valid for 5 years.

Importance of GRE Score

GRE score is important for MS in USA
Thousands of universities and institutions across the globe accept GRE scores

The importance of your GRE score varies depending on the institution and degree program. Some programs may consider your test score to be a critical determinant for your admission while others may only consider it a formality. But most institutions have a formula for incorporating your GRE test scores in their selection process.

How is the GRE Conducted?

GRE exam for USA is conducted as both written and computer-based
GRE is conducted online throughout the year and in offline mode thrice a year

There are two ways to conduct GRE. A paper-delivered test with a total test of 3 hours and 30 minutes and a computer-delivered with a total time of 3 hours and 45 minutes. Paper-delivered tests are rare and are conducted only thrice a year. The computer-delivered tests are offered throughout the year. In computer-delivered, the computer selects the next section of a measure based on your performance on the first section.

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