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The ultimate list of scholarships for international students

High expenses is a major reason students refrain from studying abroad. Well, we are here to tell you not to let your finances hold you back and explore the various scholarships for international students.

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The United States is renowned for its higher education system. Home to some of the highest-ranking universities in the world, many students dream of studying in the US.  However, it is also one of the most expensive places to get advanced degrees. The average yearly cost for graduate programs in the country is almost $33,000.

For international students, it’s essential that they plan on how to finance their education in the US before leaving their home country. Most universities in the States offer substantial financial aid to their students. Among other options, the most affordable way of financing your studies is through scholarships. Take a look at this a list of scholarships for international students in the USA.

1) Need-Based Scholarship

Girl looking into need-based scholarships for international students
Need-based scholarships are provided to the students who deserve them and prove their worth

These scholarships are reserved for students that need financial aid. It’s an excellent opportunity for students struggling to make ends meet. Many universities in USA offer need-based scholarships to international students. For example, Harvard University offers total scholarships worth $46,508, New York University-$47,750, and Cornell University-$49,116, to name a few. You can find out about the scholarships offered by the university you’re applying to, by visiting their website.

2) Privately-Funded Scholarships

Man giving info about the types of scholarships in USA for international students
Some universities recommend privately- funded scholarships to students and also provide application instructions

Scholarships funded by private organizations are a viable option for international students. However, most of these scholarships have strict eligibility criteria. For example, there are some scholarships for women specifically, while some are reserved for certain areas of study.

While, Indian organizations such as Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation ScholarshipsTata Scholarship for Cornell UniversityStanford Reliance Dhirubhai FellowshipS N Bose Scholars Program offer scholarships for Indian students.

3) Merit Scholarships

Merit based scholarships for international students
In 2017-2018, a large percentage of merit scholarships were offered to academically accomplished students

When considering college scholarships, these types of scholarships will come to your mind first. Universities award merit scholarships to students that excel in academics or sports. Below are the types of merit-based scholarships that international students can avail.

Sports Scholarships

These scholarships lie in the category of athletic scholarships. Regulated by the NAIA, NJCAA and NCAA, these scholarships can be fiercely competitive. Also, there are several rules regarding how students can receive the scholarship. Regardless of the conditions, sports scholarships are excellent for international student-athletes hoping to study in the US.

Academic Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded on the basis of outstanding academic performance. They are funded by private organizations, colleges or universities. Students with excellent grades in their programs are eligible for this type of scholarship.

Average Academic Scholarships

It takes more than high grades and standardized test scores to get an average academic scholarship. For this type of scholarship and grant, students are evaluated on their overall performance. Universities also take into account factors such as community service and extra-curricular activities.

4) Government-Funded Scholarships

Government based scholarship being offered to a student
The Fullbright program offers 1,800 scholarships annually, while the Hubert Humphrey program offers 200 scholarships annually

The US government provides many scholarships to international students in order to promote internationalization of their education systems. The following programs offer full scholarships to international students:

Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program: This scholarship is for professionals who want to study in the US for at least 10 months. It offers tuition fees, accident and health insurance, travel expenses, etc.

Fulbright Foreign Student Program: Graduate students and artists who aspire to study in the US can apply for this prestigious scholarship. It is also available for all fields except medicine.

Funding can be an enormous challenge for many international students who wish to study abroad. Not to mention, applying for admission and scholarship, getting a visa and setting up accommodation entails a lot of time and effort.

To make life easier, iSchoolConnect offers overseas consulting to international students. From applying to their preferred university to finding scholarship and accommodation, we help international students throughout the entire process. We also help you connect with these organizations that award scholarships to deserving students. You can visit our website or contact us. We also publish several helpful blogs that tell you Everything You Need to Know About GRE, How to choose your perfect college, Benefits of part-time jobs for students, and many other things. So what are you waiting for? Explore away!

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