US vs UK education - Which is better

UK vs US education | Which country is the right fit for you

These 5 primary points of differences between a UK vs US education will help you decide which one of these is the best country for your higher studies and career abroad! Among the top 3 study abroad destinations among international students, United States and United Kingdom offer entirely different experiences to students. There are vast differences between US vs UK education systems, costs of studying and living, job opportunities, and immigration ...

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How to study in USA for international students

A guide on how to study in USA for international students

From the perks of studying in the US, to top universities, costs, and admission requirements, this guide on how to study in USA for international students has got you covered. The US has always ranked amongst the top 3 most popular destinations for studying abroad. America is home to the highest number of top-ranked universities, world-class international organizations, and some of the best minds in the world. Thanks to these and ...

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MS in Germany

MS in Germany | No tuition, quality education, and abundant opportunity!

An MS in Germany is the favorite choice of international students who want to pursue their masters in technology, engineering, or mathematics. All thanks to its high-quality education and supremely low costs. If you want to study Engineering, Natural Sciences, or Law, and don’t mind learning a bit of German, pursuing your MS in Germany is a sweet deal! The country offers quality education, does cutting-edge research, and is home to some ...

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Why study in UK

Why study in UK? | Benefits, top universities, fun facts, and more!

The second-most famous country amongst international students, the UK offers quality education, practical knowledge, career opportunities, and a rich culture waiting to be explored. Read this blog to know why we think you should study in the UK. Students looking to study abroad often get confused when it comes to choosing the perfect destination. And the primary countries they consider are US, UK, and Australia. While it’s easy to just go ...

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Best countries to study abroad and work in 2021

10 best countries to study abroad and work in 2021

Choosing the perfect country can be a confusing ordeal. Canada has great job opportunities, Singapore is the perfect place to start your own business, whereas the cost of studying in Germany is very low. So here are the best countries to study abroad and work in 2021 and everything you need to know about them! With immigration policies changing every year and countries competing to provide better and better education to ...

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Study abroad in France

Study Abroad in France | Top universities, fees, & more!

France is one of the most popular destinations for international students, a place they come to call home. Thanks to its excellent education system, unique culture, and postgrad opportunities, more and more students want to study abroad in France. If you are interested in studying abroad in France and want to know about its lifestyle, cost of living, best cities, and top universities, you have come to the right place! We ...

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Study in Denmark

Study in Denmark | Low fees, quality education, great opportunities!

Internationally recognized universities, zero to very less tuition fee, and exceptional job opportunities make studying in Denmark sound like the ideal dream of an international student. One of the most demanding study destinations in Europe, Denmark is filled with idyllic landscapes, thriving cities, and a society that is ranked the happiest in the world. Moreover, the country is highly reputed for its quality education, which focuses on helping students use what ...

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The 6 best countries for MBA aspirants in 2020

Choosing the right country for pursuing your MBA can be difficult. But once you know about the best countries for MBA aspirants and what they have to offer, it will become much easier to decide.  A lot depends on the country you choose to pursue your MBA in. The time you spend studying, the kind of opportunities you will get, and even what your career will be like post-graduation. This is ...

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