How to apply for scholarships for studying abroad | Application tips inside!

Studying abroad may sound too expensive for you to afford, but that’s a common misconception. There are thousands of scholarships for studying abroad that are just waiting for you! All you have to do is know about how to apply for scholarships. If you’re thinking of going abroad for your higher education, there are a lot of factors you need to consider. Here at iSchoolConnect, we want to help you understand ...

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Girl wondering How to write a statement of purpose

How to write a powerful Statement of Purpose (SOP) | Sample SOPs inside!

What if my Statement of purpose is not good enough? What if my writing style isn't up to the mark? What if my SOP is too common? Get answers and tips for all these questions and more in this blog about how to write a Statement of Purpose (SOP). These questions mentioned above are the ones running through the mind of almost every student writing a statement of purpose for their ...

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The blog explains step by step process for how to apply for MS in USA

Steps on how to apply for MS in USA

The United States has always been the ultimate educational hub and countless students worldwide apply for MS in USA. Here's a step by step guide on how to do it! No time to read? Check out this video with all the info! When it comes to education, people want to have the best of the best. After students finish high school and their bachelor's degrees, they start looking for universities to pursue ...

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Woman pointing at the a students letter of recommendation for studying abroad

How to get a Letter of recommendation | Sample LORs inside!

There is a wide variety of documents to arrange before you send in your university application. And while there is a lot you can do to embellish most aspects of your university application, there is one detail that you have little control over- your letter of recommendation. What is an academic letter of recommendation(LOR)? Your reference letters for university applications are a reflection of your merit, character, and achievements from an external ...

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Girl applying to universities abroad

Step-by-step guide for applying to universities abroad

Applying to universities abroad is a major life decision that takes immense planning. To help with this confusing study abroad application process, here is a simple step-by-step guide guaranteed to make your journey easier. Want to apply to schools in the USA? Take a look at this video about applying to universities abroad! Choosing the perfect program, and the right university is already a complicated process. But abiding by the timelines and ...

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