Student studying virtually and telling us about Coronavirus' impact on tests

Coronavirus’ impact on tests like GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL

It feels like the Coronavirus pandemic has put the world on pause and Coronavirus' impact on tests worldwide is immense. With all exams getting canceled or postponed, organizations like ETS have found new ways to conduct at-home tests. Standardized entrance exams such as GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, etc. are important qualifying parts of a student's admission profile. A few million students across the globe appear for these exams on a ...

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All about the TOEFL exam | TOEFL practice tests, TOEFL exam pattern, TOEFL fees & more!

All about the TOEFL exam | TOEFL practice tests, exam pattern & more!

The TOEFL exam (Test of English as a foreign language) is an English proficiency test used to assess your ability to speak and understand English. If you're planning to study abroad, exams like TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE, are an absolute must. In this blog, find out all about the TOEFL exam. The TOEFL exam is conducted by the Educational Testing Service throughout the year because of its importance to students wishing ...

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Woman thinking about IELTS vs TOEFL vs PTE

IELTS vs TOEFL vs PTE : Which English test should you attempt?

As an international student who has decided to study abroad, attempting one of the English proficiency tests is almost always mandatory. The question is, which exam should you give - IELTS vs TOEFL vs PTE? In the past decade, the debate of IELTS or TOEFL has become more complex with the addition of PTE in 2009. While many students preparing to study abroad in colleges and universities know about IELTS and ...

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Girl giving the SAT exam

SAT Exam details | Exam pattern, fees, & more!

Preparing to study abroad and getting jittery about that inescapable and all-important SAT exam? Well, you're not alone. The SATs are an important metric used by institutions to measure a high school student's readiness for college. Here are all the SAT exam details you need to know about. It is perfectly normal to feel that way and we want to assure you that you are going to ace it with flying ...

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Girl wondering How to write a statement of purpose

How to write a powerful Statement of Purpose (SOP) | Format, Tips, & more!

What if my Statement of purpose is not good enough? What if my writing style isn't up to the mark? What if my SOP is too common? Get answers and tips for all these questions and more in this blog about how to write a Statement of Purpose (SOP). These questions mentioned above are the ones running through the mind of almost every student writing a statement of purpose for their ...

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5 Most Common College Interview Questions

College interviews can be one of the most nerve-racking experiences for students. The best way to ace them is to prepare for the most common college interview questions in advance. The main intention of the questions at a college interview is to allow the colleges to evaluate candidates in a manner beyond their university applications. It helps universities determine if the students have the traits they’re looking for. However, these interviews ...

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The ultimate guide to the GMAT exam

For any MBA student, their GMAT exam scores are the most essential part of their university application. So, to help with your GMAT preparation, this blog tells you all about the GMAT exam. No time to read? Check out this video with all the GMAT exam info! The GMAT exam is the first step towards a prosperous career in business management. All the top universities in the USA require GMAT test scores ...

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A girl graduating and holding her degree

GRE exam details | Exam pattern, GRE sample papers, & more!

There is a lot of jumbling information on the internet about the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) that confuses us to no end. So here is a neat and detailed account of everything you need to know about GRE.   Whether you’re a young student aiming for admission in a credible college or a professional aspiring to hone your craft for better career prospects, there is a lot to ponder over before selecting ...

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