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About the Community

The iSchoolConnect Community is a global, not-for-profit initiative. This growing community of students is currently present in prominent cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, and others, and it is growing larger every day. The Community is driven by students who are looking to be a part of a global organization and help students at large.

As an aspirant, we suggest that you choose a community that is closest to you and register with them today for all the latest happenings in higher ed.

about the community

Who can join the iSC Community?

As long as you are a student, parent, or anyone who is involved in Study Abroad preparation, guidance, etc, this community is just for you.

We do keep a check on the community to ensure that no one is trying to seel or promote their business within the Community. Hence membership is strictly by invitation only

  • Study abroad aspirants students, parents.
  • Students looking for mentorship overseas education.
  • Students with doubts around studying abroad.
  • Study Abroad mentors, experts, consultants.

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About iSchoolConnect

iSchoolConnect is an online platform that helps students to apply to colleges and universities around the world. We support you through every step of the way to enable you to make better decisions while saving time and money.