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International student accommodation options

We’ve always heard the words ‘There is no place like home’, but we never truly feel them until we’re in an unknown country, on the cusp of starting a new chapter of our lives. To help you with your living choices, here are several accommodation options for international students.

Getting out of your comfort zone and adjusting in a new place in a different country is certainly a challenge. Accommodations are one of the important things you need to sort out before you leave. Primarily, there are two options for student accommodation; on campus which are traditional dorms or apartments shared with other students from your university and off-campus where you can either live in a rental or you could also opt for a homestay family. Here we have elaborated more about these student accommodation options to make it easier for you to make the perfect living choice.

 On-Campus accommodation:

Traditional dorm rooms are available on campus in almost every university. (Picture credits-

Almost every university has on-campus student accommodation and living on campus is a great option to interact with other students. Along with traditional dormitories also known as residence halls, which have a single or shared room facility, some universities also have studios and 2, 3 or 4 bedroom apartments where students can occupy a single room each and share a common living area or a kitchen.

Basic amenities like a bed, a desk with a chair are provided in such dorms. Some dorms also provide storage spaces like small wardrobes or drawers. Residence halls often have communal bathroom facilities. Very few have a facility of private bathrooms in dorms. Dorms can either be co-ed or exclusively for girls or boys. Make sure you check that out with the dorm authority. You are expected to carry basic things like bed linens and personal toiletries which aren’t provided while moving in. Go through the rule book provided by the university and pack accordingly. Meal plans are available for all students. You can select a meal plan suitable for you as you book a room.

The average cost goes around 800-4000 USD (monthly) depending on the room size, amenities, meal plans and also the city. Information about on-campus accommodations is provided on every universities’ websites. Check the websites for rules and installment options.

Accommodation price ranges in top 8 cities.

Off-Campus accommodation:

Off-Campus accommodation is majorly classified into two types:


Some off campus accommodations are cheaper than on campus accommodations.
You can share a rental with students from other colleges as well. (Picture credits-

Rentals are a great option to bring out the free and independent you. Typically, 11 months’ lease is to be signed before you move in. Amenities depend on the house and the room you choose. You will either have a private or shared bathroom. Mostly, rentals are fully furnished with a decent amount of basic amenities like beds, desks, wardrobes, laundry rooms, a well-equipped kitchen. You also have the freedom of selecting the apartment of your choice. It can either be a studio apartment or you can share a bigger apartment with a number of people depending on the bedrooms available in the house. The university provides meal plans, which are also open to students living off campus. Or you can cook by yourself as kitchens are available. Groceries usually cost between 200-500 USD per month based on your diet. Some people consider rentals to be a cheaper option than on-campus accommodation as the rent goes around 450 USD per month which again depends on the house you choose. Getting a rental in a new place is obviously not easy but you can easily browse and check out apartments and rooms online.


Homestays are a great way to connect with local people. (Picture credits-

Want to make your life easy? Homestay is the way to do it. It is a unique student accommodation option where you will be staying with a homestay family. Usually considered as a safer option, you get to enjoy all the amenities available in the house while experiencing the home-cooked food that every student craves. Along with that, it is also a great way to connect with local people. The rent approximately starts from 300USD and the total housing cost goes up to 750-850 USD per month. You can explore homestay options here.

All of the student accommodation options mentioned above have their own merits, based on your living preferences and budget you can choose and shortlist the housing options further. We hope this article will help you sort out your options. You can also check out our blog on funding options for studying abroad. Make sure you check our other blogs about New York University, Boston University, MIT and more.

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