A rundown of the costs of MS in USA

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The decision to study in the USA is a life-changing one. The face of Google and Microsoft as we know today might have been different if two students had chosen otherwise. Their CEOs Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella respectively chose to study in the USA and contributed greatly to the international tech business.

Referred to as the “land of opportunities,” the USA is a country where all ambitious and hard working people get to make it big. The brightest minds from all over the world apply to US-based universities to get access to the most advanced educational resources in the world. These universities offer a wide range of programs and specializations to those who wish to pursue MS in USA. However, it is important to get yourself acquainted with the cost of MS in USA to plan your studies effectively.

University Fees

Stanford University
Stanford is renowned worldwide for its MS programs and offers scholarships worth $43,118 to those who prove their worth.

At the start of your quest for knowledge, you must pick a university to apply. There are thousands of universities which are spread across the 50 US states. Therefore, you have to go through a great number of websites. Generally, you would be required to pay the following expenses to universities.

Application Fees

When you apply to a school in the USA, they require your academic documents and charge non-refundable application fees. This fee ranges from $70 to $150.

Tuition Fees

You can easily find a Masters program in multiple universities and fulfill other academic and personal criteria easily. However, the most strenuous task is to find universities in the USA with low tuition fees for international students.

The average tuition fees per semester for universities in the USA range from $5,000 to $50,000. On an average, you can expect the complete tuition cost of MS in USA to fall in the range of $30,000 to $45,000. If you are looking for universities in the USA with low tuition fees for international students, go for public schools as they are affordable in comparison to private schools.


If you tick all the boxes required for a specific scholarship, it is easily possible for you to succeed in getting a scholarship for MS in USA. The amount of scholarship offered by each university varies. There are also schools that are quick to offer full scholarships for international students in the USA. Along with various scholarships for MS in USA, universities also offer Co-operative education programs which help students cover a portion of their total cost of MS in USA.

Standardized Test

A university test with MCQs
Thousands of Indian students appear for the GRE tests to qualify for MS in USA

Before applying to any university as an international student, it is important to show them a proof of your capability. At a bare minimum, you must be able to prove your fluency in English. For that, you have to choose TOEFL or IELTS, according to the requirement of your university. Afterward, you have to take tests like GRE or GMAT (depending upon your program) that evaluate your mathematical skills and language proficiency..


The registration fee for TOEFL depends upon the country. For India, the fee is US$180.


The pricing of IELTS is similar to TOEFL—Indians can take IELTS by paying US$177. This price remains the same for both computer and paper-based tests.


The GRE test is priced at US$205.


The GMAT test is priced at US$250.


A dorm room with bunk beds
Almost every university offers on-campus accommodation facility for international students and some even aid you in finding off-campus arrangements


If you choose to live in the dorms of your university, then you can expect to pay anywhere between $800 and $1,000 per month on average.


If you choose to live outside, then your costs can vary drastically. There are several variables in off-campus accommodation, such as your choice of city. For instance, renting a place in a city like New York would cost quite a few bucks in comparison to living in a quieter city like Stillwater. On average, a one-room apartment can cost you from $500 to $2,000 per month.

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us. iSchoolConnect can not only help you manage your college or university application but also give you program and university recommendations based on your profile. We guide you on every step so you can join the best minds of the world in the USA.

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