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Studying at a prestigious university abroad is something that thousands of students from all over the world dream about. Researching and applying to these universities is a complicated and time-consuming hassle. But it doesn't have to be. iSchoolConnect is the simple one stop shop for all your higher education requirements.

iSchoolConnect's AI approach

At iSchoolConnect, we aim to help our users to make better, well-informed decisions. In order to do so, we build assistive AI products that tackle problems that our users face in their everyday lives.

Our Founder Speaks

Ashish Fernando

Ashish Fernando Founder

"When you help educate one person you can change a life, when you help educate thousands, you can change the world. We are on a mission to make education accessible, affordable and uplifting for everyone who deserves it."


Ritesh Patel - iSchoolConnect

Ritesh Patel

Bob Fogel - iSchoolConnect

Bob Fogel

Steven Boyd - iSchoolConnect

Steven Boyd

Asif Hasan - iSchoolConnect

Asif Hasan

Core Team Members

Ashish Tulsankar - iSchoolConnect

Ashish Tulsankar

Head of Artificial Intelligence
Vaibhav Gupta - iSchoolConnect

Vaibhav Gupta

Alliances & Marketing Head
Vinay Naik - iSchoolConnect

Vinay Naik

Chief Technology Architect
Parvati Ramachandran - iSchoolConnect

Parvati Ramachandran

Head of Product

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