Masters in Journalism

Should you study Masters in Journalism abroad?

Wondering if doing a Masters in Journalism is a good idea? There are a lot of factors you should consider before choosing reporting as your ultimate career. What will it be about? Do you really have the right skills? Which colleges are the best? How is the job market for journalists? This blog will answer all these questions for you. While news channels have shifted majorly from papers and magazines to ...

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best online courses

10 Best Online Courses for 2020

Universities and organizations are looking for applicants with a certain skill-set. But the education system does not teach you everything. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best online courses that will help you acquire the skills you need. Did you know that 5 years from now, we’ll lose more than 5 million jobs to computers? Well, at least the World Economic Forum says so. But they also say that technological ...

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How to choose the perfect career | Top insider tips!

Ever wondered 'What career is right for me?' Deciding upon the perfect profession can be confusing. A poll by concluded that 80% of employees in their 20s want to change careers. So the question is: how to choose a career that is perfect for you? As a professional, there are many instances where you are faced with a multitude of tasks at your workplace. Responding to emails, meetings, travels and ...

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Business Analytics image

10 Best Universities for Masters in Business Analytics

Today, data controls the world as we know it. Organizations worldwide require a methodical and statistical analysis of this data for their growth. This is where the best universities for masters in business analytics come in. Business analytics is an emerging field in the academic hubs of the world. Organizations are becoming increasingly reliant on data and rethinking their business strategies around it. Many universities recognize the growing importance of this ...

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The blog talks about the Top Chemical engineering colleges in USA

Best Chemical engineering universities in USA

Chemical engineers are regarded as ‘universal engineers’ because of the varied amount of subjects included in their education. But which colleges teach them the best? This blog tells you everything you need to know about the top chemical engineering universities in USA. Usually found working in manufacturing & research, chemical engineers are widely employed by fuel & chemical production companies. But that’s not all they do. Chemical engineers specialize in a ...

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