How to get into culinary school

Have you always wanted to become a renowned chef and own a restaurant in France? Learn how to get into culinary school and make your dream come true! Culinary schools all over the world strive to turn their students into master chefs. Here, you will learn how to cook, prepare, and present food, while also understanding how to manage an entire restaurant. And while going to culinary school does not come ...

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Top 8 benefits of STEM education you should know

The benefits of STEM education are endless. High-paying jobs, travel opportunities, and early retirement are not the only reasons STEM courses are becoming increasingly popular among students today. STEM, or Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics, touches every aspect of our lives. From the news apps we go through every morning, the roads and bridges we take to work, the computers we build projects on, to the food we eat at dinner. ...

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9 amazing career options in biotechnology

With more and more students interested in biology and engineering, the field of biotechnology is growing rapidly. Let’s take a look at some of the highest-paying career options in biotechnology. Imagine studying about different kinds of organisms and their chemical processes. Now, imagine using these processes to make products that solve complex problems we’re facing. That’s biotechnology! Most of us imagine that biotechnologists wear white courts and work in labs or ...

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Top 10 STEM courses of the year

STEM courses have been gaining immense popularity over the past decade. Thanks to the growing demand for STEM graduates, top universities at every well-known study abroad destination are offering a multitude of STEM majors.  Do you dream of inventing cool technologies, designing new materials, and finding innovative solutions to real-world problems? Universities from around the world offer STEM courses that will teach you just that! What’s more, a STEM degree from ...

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Best biotechnology courses in 2020

The best 9 biotechnology courses in 2020

If you’re interested in altering the very DNA of living organisms and make innovative products out of it, Biotechnology is just the field for you! Read this blog to learn more about different biotechnology courses & subjects, and find out how much it costs to study them. From completely changing the quality of a crop to altering which nutrients we can use in medicines, biotechnology is changing the way our world ...

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MBA in Marketing

All about MBA in Marketing | Universities, requirements, more!

Curious to see if an MBA in Marketing is a good fit for you? In this blog, read all about the best universities for a Marketing MBA, course requirements, Marketing MBA salaries, job options, and more. Read on to find out! The MBA program is a fulfilling process that can help you gain great experience in business. The program is designed to help students learn everything they need to know in ...

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Should you study Masters in Journalism abroad?

Wondering if doing a Masters in Journalism is a good idea? There are a lot of factors you should consider before choosing reporting as your ultimate career. What will it be about? Do you really have the right skills? Which colleges are the best? How is the job market for journalists? This blog will answer all these questions for you. While news channels have shifted majorly from papers and magazines to ...

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Best Online Courses for 2020

10 Best Online Courses for 2020

Universities and organizations are looking for applicants with a certain skill-set. But the education system does not teach you everything. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best online courses that will help you acquire the skills you need. Did you know that 5 years from now, we’ll lose more than 5 million jobs to computers? Well, at least the World Economic Forum says so. But they also say that technological ...

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