Letter of Recommendation

Letter of recommendation samples for MS in CS | Tips included!

 When it comes to Computer Science, universities are looking for students who're good at research and have some practical experience. And what better way to showcase this than on a Letter of Recommendation from your professor or manager? But they are not going to write it for you; you'll have to draft it yourself. So where do you start? What points do you include? How long should your LOR be? ...

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Woman pointing at the a students letter of recommendation for studying abroad

How to get a Letter of recommendation | Sample LORs inside!

What is an academic letter of recommendation (LOR)?Your reference letters for university applications are a reflection of your merit, character, and achievements from an external perspective. Commonly, it is an academic letter of recommendation for students from professors, sent in conjunction with the college application. This main is an academic letter of recommendation.When you apply to a university abroad, the institution might want to know things about you that distinguish you ...

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How to write an editorial letter

Letter to the editor | 9 Ways to make it interesting!

Do you want to take some action for the general welfare of society, but aren't sure of the most effective way to do it? Well then, you should definitely try writing a letter to the editor of a newspaper or a magazine. Such a letter can often get published in the columns of the same newspaper or magazine. And if it ends up influencing a massive number of people, you will ...

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university of westminster

The University of Westminster | All you need to know!

The Institution of Westminster is a public research university in London, England, that was founded in 1838. It provides a variety of programs for students with courses that cater to the bachelor's as well as the master's levels.The University of Westminster is equipped with high-tech laboratories, TV studios, and multimedia newsrooms for an enhanced approach to education. Other facilities include well-equipped gyms, multisport playing areas, and over 100 different organizations ...

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stanford uni

How to get admission to Stanford University | A guide!

How to get admission to Stanford | An overviewStanford Institution is a private research university in Stanford, California, USA, with a global reputation. Stanford is dedicated to academic achievement and innovation via its major focus on research. The university is also ranked third among the greatest worldwide institutions. Stanford University in the United States comprises seven schools, three of which provide undergraduate and graduate programs, while the remaining four provide ...

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How to peruse career in nuclear engineering

Nuclear engineering | Everything you need to know

Nuclear engineering can turn out to be a rewarding career for those who are ready to put theoretical ideas into practice. These ideas can be well implemented to help people build nuclear weapons, nuclear power plants, nuclear reactors, and other projects in the related field. Nuclear engineers work on the procedures, tools, and systems that are used to extract advantages from nuclear energy and radiation. If you think this is the ...

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BHMS course | Duration, eligibility, syllabus & more!

BHMS course | An overviewResponsive gameThe Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) is an undergraduate degree program for those interested in working in the medical field. It offers great employment opportunities in a variety of specialties. With new medical breakthroughs and discoveries taking place globally, BHMS is certainly an exciting field for students who wish to make a difference in the lives of those in ...

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hospital management

Hospital Management | Decode everything about this course here!

Hospital Management | What is it?Hospital Management is the method of administering everything related to patient care. It ranges from appointment scheduling, patient registration, scheduling seamless consultations, and document/record management. Besides, it also includes lab control, drug safety and control, staff management, management of outpatients, medical report generation, and more!Why choose Hospital Management?Healthcare providers fine-tune the process all around the world to ensure the utmost efficiency and effectiveness in their ...

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Step-by-step guide choosing a university

How to choose a university | Top 7 factors

Finding and shortlisting universities is the very first step towards achieving your dream of studying abroad. While it is good to have a dream university in your mind, it is equally important to shortlist a few other universities as a backup. Shortlisting universities according to your preference isn’t as difficult as it seems if you know what exactly to look for in a college. Here, we have listed down some of ...

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Top 10 Scholarships in Spain

Top 10 Scholarships in Spain

Spain has around 75 universities that offer undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. These institutions have a great reputation nationally and internationally for qualified faculty and great teaching methodologies. However, if studying in Spain is beyond your financial reach, there is still a way for you to access the education that the country has to offer. Scholarships in Spain can certainly help you! Check out the list below to learn more about ...

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The A to Z of economics for you

Economics | A detailed guide to the science of wealth and the world of econ

Economics | An overviewAs a matter of fact, economics is everywhere around us; it is a significant part of our daily lives. The difference between micro and macroeconomics is that microeconomics is the study of economics that can help you plan your expenses, your families' medical debt. In contrast, macroeconomics gives you an overview of the behaviour of a national economy as a whole.What is economics?Economics is a study that ...

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Financial modeling course

Financial modeling course | Why is it the way ahead?

Financial modeling courses have been gaining a lot of popularity by the day. It is a core skill that is almost mandatory for anyone who wants to build a career in finance. Additionally, the output of a financial model is used for decision-making and performing financial analysis in a company. Here's everything you need to know about a financial modeling course.What is financial modeling?Simply put, financial modeling is the process of ...

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