Girl telling us how to calculate GPA

How to calculate GPA? | The 4.0 GPA for universities abroad!

Are you confused about what is the GPA scale? I was too. Until I did some really extensive research and wrote this blog for you all! The scoring system for students is different from country to country. Some get their scores in percentages, others in points or grades. But, if you're thinking of applying to any university abroad, it is important to have your score converted to a GPA. Even ...

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Top Universities for Masters in Civil Engineering

From Burj Khalifa and Eiffel Tower to the Golden Gate Bridge and Beijing National Stadium, civil engineers play a major role in the creation of every structure we see around us. Throughout history, they've built us shelters, channeled water supply, and planned entire cities. If that sounds exciting (and if you're good at maths and physics), Civil Engineering is just the course for you! Universities from around the world offer ...

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Monmouth University

All about Monmouth University | Student experiences

A little about Monmouth University!Located an hour away from New York, Monmouth University is a first-tier private institution in the USA, renowned for its vibrant and spectacular campus. For your reference, here are some Monmouth University facts:Acceptance rate: 77% Tuition and Fees: $39,592 (2019-20) Room and Board: $14,734 (2019-20 4-year graduation rate: 56% Student-faculty ratio: 13:1As an international student who intends to study abroad, it's important to have accurate and reliable information about the university ...

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Amazing mobility trends in India you should know about

Mobility trends in Indian students studying abroad | iSchoolConnect

In the global arena of overseas education, India competes in the second position. It's the world's top countries that send their students to pursue higher education abroad. Given the large number of Indian students studying abroad, one major question to be asked is: What influences overseas education among Indian students?According to UNESCO, 5 million students went abroad for their higher education in 2018 and 750,000 of those happened to ...

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tips to build a student profile

How to build an impressive student profile for a scholarship

When it comes to scholarships, it all boils down to your achievements and how you present them. There might be many people with similar scores but the question is, how are you different? To make your student profile look better than that of your fellow applicants', there are scholarship tips you can follow to develop your profile according to university requirements. Universities look at a student's entire profile before saying ...

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Girl pointing at the top universities for MBA in UK

Top 10 Universities for MBA in UK | Rank, Salaries, Costs, & more!

The United Kingdom is one of the world's most popular hotspots for an MBA program. Doing MBA in the UK means you ensure a good education for yourself while making yourself a better candidate for a job anywhere in the world. There is a list of UK universities that offer numerous MBA programs in every discipline. So, it is really easy to find the program you are interested in that ...

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Top 10 universities for Masters in Ireland

Masters in Ireland | Top 10 universities you must know about!

A small island nation in Europe — Ireland is a place full of lush green lands and ancient castles. But that's not all. It is also an innovative and progressive country. Universities in Ireland are known for their quality of education and cutting-edge research. Many top universities in Ireland fare very well in the global university rankings. Choosing to pursue masters in Ireland for Indian students is an excellent career ...

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how to get student loan forgiveness

How to get student loan forgiveness | Top 10 ways!

Investing in yourself is one of the best investments you can ever make. When you invest in yourself, you improve your worth. This means that you appear to be valuable, especially to potential high-end employers and the best way to invest in yourself is to earn a degree. However, some students cannot pursue education due to financial constraints. This is where student loans and consequently, student loan forgiveness comes in.Student ...

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what is SAT exam

What is SAT exam and how to crack it? | Subjects, tips, & more!

What is SAT exam, and how are you going to prepare for it? The SATs are an important metric that universities use to measure a high school student's readiness for college. If you have just started researching, and know nothing about SAT exam, preparation, or other details, then read ahead. This blog covers all the details you need to know.What is SAT exam all about?Let's begin with knowing the SAT exam's ...

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Q & A session with Azalea Saba

Student experiences | Study abroad questions with Azalea Saba

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the process of studying abroad. The best way to avoid some of the most common complications is to learn from other students' experiences. Read on as Azalea tells us all about pursuing her art, and her hard-learned student experiences, and helps answer some of the most common study abroad questions.1) What scores did Azalea need to get into the Cranbrook Academy of Art?While ...

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Girl holding German flag pointing out how to study in Germany for free

Here’s how you can study in Germany for free

Germany is one of the greatest beacons of hope for international students looking to study abroad for free. Although there are many caveats and tangents associated with free education in Germany, we will still try to simplify the process of how to study abroad in Germany for free, in this blog post.The truth of free education in Germany All the public universities in Germany offer free education to all students. This ...

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