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9 step guide on how to get the Singapore student visa

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The Singapore student visa will allow you to study, work part-time, and live in Singapore until the time of your graduation. Read this blog to learn more about the eligibility criteria, application process, document requirements, application fees, and more!

The process of applying for the Singapore student visa, also known as the Student Pass, is very different.

Here, a Student Pass is enough to get you into Singapore, which is where you set up an appointment with the Singaporean Immigration & Checkpoints Authority and appear for the interview.

The application process and requirements also vary from one student to another.

To help you from getting lost, we have written a comprehensive guide on how to apply for a Singapore student visa. Let’s dig in!

Do I need a visa for Singapore?

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According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore, you will need a student visa if you wish to study in Singapore unless you have been granted a Short-term Visit Pass at a Singapore Checkpoint and want to attend a short course, given that-

  1. The course will end within 30 days or before your Short-term Visit Pass expires, whichever comes first
  2. Your course be a complete & stand-alone module, and
  3. It does not include hands-on practical training or industrial attachment

However, if you wish to pursue a full-time course in Singapore, you’re going to need a Singapore student visa.

What is the visa application process?

The application process for the Singapore student visa is different for different applicants.

It will depend on your age, which course you wish to pursue, and what type of institution you’ve applied to. For example- 

  1. If you are 19 or below and want to attend a full-time course at an approved Private Education Organisation (PEO), your applications will be processed directly by Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).
  2. On the other hand, if you are above the age of 19 and wish to attend a language, commercial, vocational or fine arts non-graduate/postgraduate degree course, you may have to appear for an interview at the Embassy.

To get a better understanding of the procedure you need to follow, head to the official website of Immigration and Checkpoints Authority and click on the type of institution you have applied to.

How to apply

Now, even though the visa application process isn’t the same for every student, we have listed a general set of steps everyone has to follow-

  1. When you receive your university admit, you will also get your student visa from the university itself! What you need to apply for, however, is a Student Pass.
  2. You need to do this within 2 weeks of getting your student visa, but only 1 to 2 months before the start date of your course.
  3. Head to the Student’s Pass Online Application and Registration System (SOLAR) website.
  4. Log in using the details provided by your university.
  5. Fill and submit the e-Form 16 and pay the Singapore student visa fees of 30 SGD.
  6. Now, you will be provided with a disembarkation/embarkation card, which will get you an entry into Singapore.
  7. You will have to complete the rest of the process after you have arrived in the country.
  8. Once you’re in Singapore, you will have to make an appointment with the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), pay 60 SGD, and collect your documents.
  9. After this, you will receive your Student Pass, using which you can study, work full-time for 16 hours a week during your term and full-time on holidays, and live in Singapore!

Remember, the Singapore student visa processing time is 10 working days (more in cases where an interview is required). And we suggest you apply for your Singapore student visa well in time.

What are the Singapore student visa requirements?

As we already know, the Singapore student visa requirements vary depending on your age, what course you want to study, and the type of institution you apply to.

But to give you an overview, these are the documents you will need while applying for a Singapore Student Pass-

  1. The Registration Acknowledgement Letter from the school you plan to attend
  2. Your travel document biodata page and birth certificate (if applicable)
  3. Personal information, including the list of countries/places you have previously resided in, your educational background, employment history, and financial support
  4. Parents’ personal information (if applicable)
  5. Your residential address and contact details in Singapore
  6. Your email address
  7. A recent, passport-sized, digital, color photograph of you, taken within the last three months
You might also have to pay a security deposit, depending on which country you’re from (for example, Indian students have to pay a deposit of 5000 SGD)!

And here are the documents needed during the interview process-

  1. A passport-sized picture
  2. A printout of e-Form 16, completed and signed
  3. Your in-principle approval
  4. Recent medical report

Remember, you will also be asked to share your financial details and provide proof that you can support your education and stay in Singapore for the duration of your course.

And it’s best to keep all these documents handy well before you file your application.

Tell me about Singapore student visa benefits

As long as you’re registered as a full-time student at a university in Singapore, your Singapore student visa benefits will allow you to-

  1. Study in Singapore as an international student
  2. Work part-time for 16 hours per week during your term and full-time during holidays
  3. Live in Singapore up until the period of your graduation

While you’re in Singapore, your Student Pass will be a ticket that will help you get around the entire island. And this is why we suggest that you carry it with you every time you step out of the house.

How to get Singapore work visa after graduation?

As we’ve already mentioned, your Student Pass will only allow you to live in Singapore until you graduate, after which, you will have to apply for a different visa if you wish to stay back.

In case you already have a job in hand, you will need to-

  1. Head to the official website of the Ministry of Manpower
  2. Apply for an Employment Pass, an S-Pass, or a Work Permit, depending on which organization you’re working for and how much you are going to earn.

However, if you don’t already have a job, you should apply for a Long Term Visit Pass.

This pass, which is valid for 1 year, will allow you to stay back in Singapore and look for work.

But how to get Singapore work visa is a problem you have to solve in the future.

For now, it’s important that you focus on getting your Singapore student visa.

If you have any questions or feel stuck during the application process, feel free to drop a comment or reach out to us!

We’d be very happy to help.

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