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News on Coronavirus: College admissions & latest university news

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With the Coronavirus forcing people across the globe to stay indoors and avoid travelling, students are worried about their study abroad plans. Read on to get all the updates on what’s going on in the Higher Ed world.

According to a recent article by India Today, 91% of Indian students still want to study abroad, despite COVID-19 and most students worldwide share the opinion. However, questions such as ‘Are universities conducting classes?’ and ‘Will they accept new admissions in the upcoming months?’, are some of the most commonly asked questions right now. In answer to that, universities have taken some serious measures to ensure students’ safety and there are some that are even thinking of opening up the university admissions in the upcoming months. All that remains to be seen is how universities tackle one of the biggest problems caused by Coronavirus- college admissions. Read on to get the latest updates about US universities and the measures they’ve taken.

Stanford University

In order to help students during these difficult times, Stanford University officials have declared that they will conduct individualized, holistic reviews of every student’s application and allow special considerations to all students that need it.

Their graduate admissions office released a statement saying, “Our goal remains to form graduate student cohorts that are excellent and encompass a diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences that enrich the graduate educational experience.”

Not only that, but they’re even trying to come up with unique ways to start on-campus classes. In their daily university update, the Standford officials seemed to be discussing the idea of conducting the classes in tents around the university campus so as to prevent the spread of COVID-19. President Marc Tessier-La recently stated that the activity on the university campus will resume in a “phased restart,”.

Purdue University

This university has taken some very decisive approaches regarding the college reopening during Fall 2020. They have a plan for reopening in the fall, where the university would separate people by age and vulnerability while limiting class sizes. Purdue officials say that institutions committed to the on-campus educational experience face special difficulties in returning their operations to anything like their previous arrangements.

St. Francis College

This college located in the ever-populated New York City is proof of the immense measures universities are taking in order to ensure the smooth running of processes and students’ safety. We spoke to Bora Dimitrov, the Manager of SFC International who told us that as of March 15th and the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, St. Francis College moved all the classes online for the rest of the Spring 2020 semester. Given the magnitude of the situation, the decision was made to move all the Summer Classes online as well. They also released instant relief funds for all the students in need.

When asked, ‘How will coronavirus affect college admissions?’, Mr. Dimitrov tells us, “Nothing changed, we kept enrolling students on a regular basis and we still are. Our Admissions office moved all of the work online. All of our international students who committed will get a chance to take a summer online class in August for as low as $150!”

‘What happens when the colleges reopen after COVID-19?’, we asked him. Mr. Dimitrov firmly stated that “In case that we go back to in-person classes, the policy is in place with all the social distancing measures recommended by the State of New York and our task force will be working on implementing those before the semester begins.”

University of Pennsylvania

This Ivy League school’s approach for tackling the COVID-19 imposed restrictions, is to propose a likely combination of in-class and virtual teaching for Fall 2020 intake. UPenn released an update recently stating, “We are deeply engaged in a planning process so that we can reopen for on-campus instruction as soon as possible”. All Summer classes for the year have already been scheduled to be held online. However, UPenn states that it will only decide on opening full-time once conclusive scientific evidence and the guidance of medical experts.

The City University of New York(CUNY)

As another university located in the heart of NYU, this university has taken a lot of efforts to help students especially the first-generation students. Trish Rubin, the representative from Baruch College- CUNY spoke to us about the importance of cultural diversity in their institution, despite the global pandemic. She says, “A lot of colleges talk about the global opportunities for diverse students…Baruch College doesn’t just promise it –it lives it. In a city of 8 million people, they personally give students a small town feeling while preparing them for the big world!”

Universities’ plans to reopen in 2020

A recent article by the Chronicle, talks about the universities and their plans on how to deal with various factors affected by Coronavirus (college admissions, reopening universities, determining a study model, etc.). The results showed that 67% of universities are planning to open on-campus education for students while the remaining 33% are either looking into different study models or waiting to decide their course of action.

Here’s a list of some of the top universities that are planning for in-person education in the upcoming months:

How will coronavirus affect college admissions?

That is the question on everyone’s mind. Despite the best efforts taken by universities, we all understand that the effects of this global pandemic can be very unpredictable. However, if you’re determined to study abroad, it’s always best to be prepared in advance. You can go ahead and research all the best programs and universities, right here.

Register here for more information about studying abroad and all the latest Coronavirus news. At iSchoolConnect, we’re always happy to help you with all your queries about studying abroad. Stay safe, folks!

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