Top 10 Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering colleges

What is Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering? One of the most common branches of engineering, electronic and telecommunication engineering, is the basic of all electronic devices. This specialized branch of engineering not only has its roots in electrical and computer engineering but is a field of its own. The ideal mind for electronics and communication engineering has to be excellent in logical and scientific aptitude. This sector of engineering is perfect for the ...

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diploma in engineering

Diploma in Engineering | Everything you need to know about the course!

A diploma in engineering can be a qualification for lateral entry into a BTech/B.E. program. Further, if you intend to go for a bachelor's degree, the course can help add more value and weightage to your admission application. So, if you are eager to pursue a diploma in this field, we have broken down the details as well as the multiple domains for you to make the right decision. Keep scrolling! ...

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All about BSc Microbiology subjects

BSc Microbiology Subjects | All You Need to Know

The job outlook and employment opportunities for microbiologists are projected at 5% between 2020 and 2030. This equals close to 2000 openings for qualified professionals in the United States alone. A recommended program to pursue remarkable employment opportunities in the field is a BSc Microbiology program.  Microbiology is the vocation of science that specializes in the study of - viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi & algae. These organisms have a profound influence on ...

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Top law books you must read

Law books | Top books to read for a successful career

Now that you have decided to pursue law and order as a profession, it is time to devise a plan of action. The first step is to learn as much as you can about this discipline, its history, as well as the way it functions in the real world. Do so to mold yourself into an individual that will thrive in this field. To help you out on this journey, we ...

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All about becoming a Database Administrator

Database administrator | Important things that you should know!

Database administrator: What is a database? Before proceeding with the details of a database administrator, let's see what a database is. Over the past few years, we have been creating more and more information and data. It includes videos, photos, texts, social media, etc. Additionally, it includes far more sensitive data like employee records, medical records, and similar.  Why is database essential? Many essential services rely on these databases. For example, your email account ...

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Chemical Engineering | Courses, skills, jobs, and more!

Chemical engineering is a very new field that has been studied for only around 125 years. It is responsible for a vast number of items and operations that are today regarded as essential. Largely, it is a set of methods and ideas used to convert raw materials and chemicals into usable goods such as clothing, beverages, paint, and fuel. The field makes efficient use of chemistry, biology, and economics to ...

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general knowledge books you must know about

General knowledge books | Amazing books you must read

General knowledge doesn't only allow you to learn more about the world, but also develops your reasoning, thinking, and analytical skills. In addition, it makes you more empathetic to all that is happening and changing around you. The more you know the more confident you get.  Furthermore, many recruiters, ask you to take tests to know how well-informed you are on matters. To know what defines general knowledge and what some ...

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BPharm syllabus

B. Pharm Syllabus | 5 Things to know about the program

Pharmacists are medical professionals trained in preparing and dispensing prescription medications to patients. As per the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, a projection of 11,300 openings is expected for pharmacists between 2020 and 2030. A Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm) program is a four-year undergraduate degree for students seeking careers as pharmacists. A B. Pharm syllabus is divided into 6 or 8 semesters- Healthcare business Biochemical science  As a part of the program ...

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5 trending animation courses

Top 5 animation courses you need to know about

A report by the Precedence Research projects reveals that the global animation field will reach a whopping value of USD 642.5 billion by 2030. The technological advancements in the television and communication industries are a significant contributor to the growth of global animation industries. Additionally, the increased use of visual effects and technology has also had a positive effect on the field of animation. This is a competitive industry and ...

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How to become a Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer hardware engineer | Important things that you should know

Computer hardware engineer: What is computer hardware? Before moving ahead with the details of a computer hardware engineer, let's see what computer hardware consists of. In a nutshell, computer hardware comprises all the visible components, such as graphics card, CPU, motherboard, etc. Without these components, running the software that smoothens the functioning of the system is impossible. Design of the computer hardware The design can be different in terms of patterns between laptops ...

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IAS exam syllabus 2022

IAS Syllabus | All you need to know about the 2022 syllabus

The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is the executive branch's permanent bureaucracy. It is one of the three All India Services, and its members can work for the Union Government, state governments, and non-profit organizations.  Before beginning the registration process, candidates should familiarize themselves with the examination's prerequisites, such as the UPSC IAS syllabus, pattern, eligibility criteria, application method, and other pertinent information.  In this blog, we will give the details on IAS ...

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How to Become an Actor: Skills, Courses, Career and More

Acting as a career has grown in popularity throughout time. A large number of young people wish to pursue a career as an actor. To become an actor, it is important that learn the tricks of the trade. One must also possess a set of characteristics to make it in this challenging yet rewarding field. Keep reading to know how to become an actor, as well as the training ...

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