Top 10 courses to do after 12th

Courses after 12th science that everyone should know about

Did you know that some of the top destinations in the world, like the US and Ireland, favor Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) students over others? The disciplines of science have been given higher preference for decades now. No wonder the field offers various courses after 12th and surprisingly high salaries to science graduates. Sounds interesting? Let's start by looking at where these courses can get you!       Best career options after ...

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what is software engineering

What is Software Engineering? | 5 facts you must know!

Software is now ubiquitous. Gone are the days when we used analog switches to perform functions and calculations. Now, everything is doable with just a few lines of code. Software is the new magic, and software engineers, therefore, the new wizards and witches! Software Engineering has quickly become one of the most coveted fields of study in the world, and people are flocking to become Software Engineers. But, what is ...

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Top 10 part time jobs for students in germany

Best part-time jobs for students in Germany and how to get them!

Part-time jobs for students | An overview Did you know that Germany has the highest number of students working part-time jobs? That's right! Here, you can work in any field of your interest, be it software development, law, management, etc. And no matter what you do, you always get paid more than the minimum wage. Since you can opt for these opportunities while studying, it will make your life in Germany ...

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How to write an impressive career objective

Career objective for freshers | Writing tips and examples inside!

Career objective for freshers | An overview For experienced professionals, getting through the final personal interview round can be a cakewalk if they have robust work experience and valid credentials. But, it is a whole different ball game for freshers. Most employers don't even look at their resumes for more than 30 seconds. And the first thing they see is the career objective. This is why a distinct career objective ...

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masters of library and information science

Masters of Library and Information Science | Top 10 things to know!

Haven't we all heard at least once that the need for a librarian is long gone? Well, this statement is deeply exaggerated. That's because librarians aren't solely engaged in handling hard copies. They have expanded on information with the help of technical tools and software. They're also very well versed with the systems available within the library. So if you've always wanted to work in a place full of books, ...

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sports management

9 things you need to know about studying Sports Management abroad

A Sports Management degree is ideal for candidates looking to combine their passion for sports with business skills and make a mark in the industry. What's more, Sports Management is a billion-dollar industry. So if you are thinking of making a career in sports, go ahead and fulfill your dream without worrying about how much you will earn. Now that we have addressed a huge concern, let's dive into the course ...

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Top 10 engineering colleges in the world

Engineering colleges | Top 10 colleges you must know about!

Engineering colleges | An introduction Engineering is a popular course choice among students, and rightly so because it offers you so many avenues to explore and excel in. Since it opens up the whole horizon for you, you can choose any industry of your choice and create solutions to solve problems in the field. However, choosing the right Engineering college is also imperative. The best Engineering colleges offer a curriculum that ...

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What is a good GRE score

What is a good GRE score and which universities accept it?

What is a good GRE score? The answer to this question depends on the cutoff of the university that you are aiming for. Read ahead to know what an average, good, and excellent GRE score is with regards to the entire test-taking population. How is the GRE exam scored? Before we move forward, it's important to know how the GRE is scored. The GRE test has three sections- Verbal ReasoningQuantitative ReasoningAnalytical Writing The test ...

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Study Forensic Psychology abroad

Forensic Psychology | Top 10 facts you must know!

As the field of psychology expands, the scope and the application of forensic psychology will continue to rise. In fact, studies say that the growth rate of jobs in forensic psychology will increase by 14% between 2018 and 2028! So if you're interested in spaces like psychology, human behavior, law, criminal, and justice, forensic psychology is your calling. But if you aren't sure how to go about it, don't worry. This ...

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career aptitude test

Career aptitude tests | Top 10 tests to help you decide your career

Career aptitude tests | An overview Are you just starting to look at different career choices and feel unsure about the line of work you should pursue? Or are you stuck studying or working in a field you don't like? No matter where you are in your career search trajectory, it's important to know which career would be best suited for you based on your unique personality and strengths. And ...

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Best educational apps for students

Educational apps | Top 10 apps for students to check out!

Educational apps | An overview A long time ago, smartphones were considered a source of distraction for students. Parents and teachers were keen on doing everything in their power to keep students away from these machines. But with the advent of ubiquitous and affordable internet and the recent COVID situation, mobile apps have turned smartphones into virtual classrooms. They have introduced various educational apps that make focusing rather than getting distracted easier. Furthermore, ...

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Greatest motivational stories in the world

Top 5 motivational stories every student should know | Get inspired today!

Motivational stories | An overview  Motivational stories inspire you to never give up. Not everyone may know your story, but remember you have influenced people in your life, even if you are unaware of it. Your journey and lessons have allowed you to build relationships with other people. You’ve learned to connect, empathize, and grow each step of the way. The selected, well-known faces in this blog are only here to ...

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