Highest paying jobs in computer science field

Highest paying jobs in Computer Science field | Salaries, roles & more!

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The field of Computer Science has been gaining immense popularity over the past decade. Thanks to the growing demand for technical expertise, multinational companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook are ready to offer some of the highest-paying jobs in Computer Science field to college graduates. 

Computer science is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after fields in today’s time. As we stand on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution, it’s no surprise that individuals in computer science are getting paid more than those in other engineering fields. So, if you’ve also got a curious mind, critical thinking, and complex problem-solving abilities needed to be a computer scientist, choose from one of these highest-paying jobs in Computer Science field. It can set you up for life.

Data Scientist

Young Woman Working with Supercomputer
At an entry-level job, a data scientist can earn as much as $100,000 to $128,000 per year

Nowadays, all top corporations rely on data to fuel business growth. As the fourth industrial revolution is centered on AI, it isn’t surprising that data scientists are among the highest-paid professionals in the IT world. These professionals need to have multidisciplinary expertise and exceptional problem-solving skills to succeed in their respective fields.

To excel in data science, a computer science student has to strengthen his/her foundation in statistics, calculus, and linear algebra. Besides that, they have to be familiar with programming languages, such as Python or R. 

These professionals spend several years working on scattered data sets and finding hidden patterns. Being a data scientist is a journey that starts from data analysis, expertise in machine learning to engineering every-day problems, and solving them with the help of data. The median salary for this position is as high as $128,750 annually.

Information System Managers

Group of young business people working in the office
Most successful organizations use information systems to increase the proficiency of their work-flow

Computer and information systems managers are experts in analyzing a company’s technological needs. They are also responsible for overseeing the implementation of appropriate information systems in organizations.

As the name suggests, these professionals need to have expertise in working with information systems and managing vital software resources. Another essential skill for this job position is the ability to hire, train, and supervise technical staff. Therefore, IT professionals need to have strong leadership skills.

Experts suggest that information systems managers earn a median income of almost $146,360 per year. As the trend of utilizing data to fuel business growth continues, we can expect the demand for this position to increase in the future.

Mobile Application Developer

Mobile application developer holding app icons in hand in front of a laptop
The sphere of mobile application development will eventually merge with the Internet of Things

The latest mobile apps are changing the world of software advancement and Mobile Application Developers are at the center of it. It’s easy to understand why the demand for these software developers is increasing day by day.

These developers are responsible for creating applications for mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and other peripheral mobile devices. These software development pros have expertise in developing software for all kinds of platforms, such as Android and iOS. However, you must be an avid problem solver and have extensive experience in coding with mobile development languages and mobile frameworks.

The median salary for this job position is as much as $107,000 per year.

Cloud solutions architect

Hand holding lightbulb with cloud computing and technology icons
Based on the latest statistics, an early career Cloud Solutions Architect with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $88,241

In today’s time, being a cloud solutions architect is one of the most promising and upcoming careers in computer science. This IT specialist is responsible for managing an organization’s cloud computing strategy. Cloud solutions architects work closely with business analysts and establish the cloud structure of the organization.

They are responsible for making sure that the cloud infrastructure of the company is in line with its business requirements. Cloud solutions architects draw an average annual salary between $140,000 and $150,000. Companies such as Booz, Allen, and Hamilton, Microsoft Corp, and Amazon.com Inc. are some of the top employers of Cloud solutions architects.

Database administrator

As digitization continues to increase, database administration is one of the hottest fields for starting your career.

The Database administrators, also known as DBAs are primarily responsible for storing and organizing their company’s critical data. Database administration is a unique branch of computer science jobs where DBAs are responsible for ensuring that organizations can easily access the data on all electronic devices and apps.

Being a database administrator requires you to have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field. They are required to be masters of database languages such as SQL, QOL, XQuery, and SQL/XML.

They acquire an average annual salary of $90,167. In the US, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted a 15% rise in the need for Database administrators by the year 2022. If you check all the requirements above and like the job description, this is the career for you!

Software engineer

Software engieering
The average starting salary of a Software engineer is $100,690 to $108,278

One of THE highest paying jobs in Computer Science field, software engineering involves understanding user needs, building and testing computer applications, and keeping them upgraded as technology advances through time.

Consequently, all the universities offering computer science and engineering programs make sure to provide students with sound knowledge of mathematics, computers, programming languages, and the domain they might want to specialize in.

As a software engineering graduate, you can choose to focus on one specific type of application. Like operating systems, games, web development, app development, data analytics. Or you could build software applications specifically for a field, like fintech, or medicine. How cool is that!?

So of these highest paying jobs in Computer Science field is the best for me?

Any of the careers that you wish to pursue can only become reality when you have the right educational qualifications to do so. So before you find the perfect job, it’s necessary to find the perfect program and the ideal university.

But if you have already done that, see which of these roles interest you the most. If you like reading research papers, analyzing data, and creating new solutions, choose to become a data scientist. But if you’re interested in analyzing and fulfilling a company’s technological needs, you’d be better of working as an Information System manager.

So try everything while you’re studying your course, see what you like the best, and land yourself one of these highest paying jobs in the computer science field!

In case you get stuck or have any doubts, feel free to reach out to us or drop a comment. We’d be very happy to help.

Until then, all the best with your aspirations!

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