Want to work in Event Management? Here are 6 things you should know.

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Are you great at planning events and social gatherings? A career in Event Management will put this skill to good use. Here is a complete guide on everything you need to know about this field and how to make a career in it.

Event Management has gradually become one of the most promising fields for building a successful career. Whether it is weddings, birthdays, office parties, or even a personal celebration, event managers have become essential for planning big gatherings. They oversee logistics, manage staff to get all things done according to plan and also manage finances and vendor relationships! Their job is to basically understand the preferences of the clients and deliver the best possible services in budget.

The event planning profession has room for diverse individuals because of how many different aspects need to be taken care of while organizing an event. However, the field does have its own challenges.

If you are curious about building a career in Event Management, keep reading to know about top colleges, courses as well as the different career prospects this field has to offer.

What is Event Management? 

As an event manager, you will need to be on your toes and handle multiple things at once.

Wonder how huge gatherings or celebrations of large scale like weddings, corporate festivals, or music festivals are arranged? Event Management! This field refers to the planning and organization of large-scale and demands a plethora of roles and impeccable multitasking skills from its professionals.

The duty of an event manager is to take care of each and every need of their clients and make sure that different teams work together in harmony so that the event takes place smoothly. 

Event Management includes handling various departments or managing a single department for an event like being a venue manager, travel manager, party planner, etc. This career is thrilling and includes interactions and networking with a diverse range of people.

And because you can be doing 10 things to make an event happen – like social media promotion, content writing, infra, ticketing, etc. – students with varied profiles can get into this field!

Event Management courses 

An Event Management course teaches you finer aspects about the management of large-scale events and how to handle things in such situations effectively. You can pursue a diploma, or a bachelor’s degree, and even a post-graduate degree in the field. There are also opportunities for gaining practical experience as well as finding your niche. Following are some of the course options available to you across both undergraduate, postgraduate, and certificate levels-

  • Diploma in Event Management 
  • BSc in Event Management 
  • Bachelor of Business in Event Management 
  • BS in Event Management 
  • BA in Event Marketing 
  • BSc in Sports Event Management 
  • BSc in Event Operations and Production Management 
  • MSc in Event Management 
  • MBA in Event Management 
  • MSc in International Events Management 
  • MSc in Global Meetings and Event Management 
  • MA in Marketing Management for Events, Hospitality and Tourism
  • PhD in Convention and Event Management 

Top universities for pursuing Event Management

Some of the best universities in the world offer courses in Event Management. Since it has become a major industry, taking on a proper course from a reputed university can be a recipe for success. Here are some of the top-rated universities across the world where you can pursue studies in this field-

Eligibility criteria

The value of time management and organization is paramount in the field of Event Management.
  • While the field welcomes students from all streams, you do need at least a 50% aggregate score in high school or any equivalent course.
  • For postgraduate students, a score of at least 55% in their undergraduate course is a requirement.
  • You may also need to clear English Proficiency tests like TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE if you plan on taking up a course abroad. 

Skills you need to become an event manager

The primary skill required to become an event manager is multitasking. You need to be able to juggle many tasks at once and be organized at the same time. It is also important for you to have sound knowledge about project planning and management, risk management, event design, and stakeholder management. You also need to be creative, flexible and a problem solver to navigate any challenges while working on an event.

Here are the focal skill requirements you need to focus on as an aspiring event manager-

Being a good communicator

Communication is imperative. You will have to deal with a variety of clients and a multitude of teams who make an event possible. So you need to be able to communicate clearly and also be personable with clients and vendors to form good relationships.

Team player 

As a manager, it is crucial that you guide your team of people effectively and make them work efficiently. An event is made possible only because a multitude of teams work together towards organizing various aspects of it.

Organizational skills 

You need to have great organizational skills, since Event Management jobs involve handling multiple tasks at once and making sure that every task is completed on time. 


Clients are not always rational and as a manager, if anything is not satisfactory, you will be the first one to be blamed. You need to be able to handle difficult situations rationally while keeping your client’s best interest in mind. Patience is indeed a virtue in this field.

Career prospects

A large-scale event needs planning in various departments to make it happen successfully. Hence, there are a number of roles you can look at and apply for. Some of the most lucrative Event Management jobs are-

Event Planner

An event planner takes care of organizing the whole event and taking care of every need of a client. They design the event and work with different teams to make sure everything is done according to plan.

Logistics Manager

A logistics manager is responsible for handling all kinds of transportation for an event. This includes transportation of goods as well as transportation for guests, if required. 

Venue Manager

A venue manager is responsible for arranging a venue for the event and making sure that the event can take place with ease. 

Event managers also need to have the ability to manage multiple teams and streamline their activities.

Catering Service Manager 

A catering service manager takes care of the food service for an event and makes sure that the food is up to the standards of the guests. 

Wedding Planner 

The role of a wedding planner is to take care of planning and executing the entirety of a wedding. This includes everything from catering, venue planning, decorations, ceremonies to transportation. 

You can also find opportunities at event planning companies, media houses, public relations companies, travel, and tourism companies. Social media marketing organizations and exhibition organizers are among other potential employers of Event Management professionals.

Key Takeaways 

  • Event managers organize various events like weddings, corporate functions, sports events, music festivals, etc. 
  • They need to be skilled, organized and patient.
  • Multitasking is the primary requirement for this field.
  • You can find relevant courses in the field from reputed universities abroad. 
  • The field has various roles and niches to choose from.
  • Students from all education backgrounds can find opportunities in the field of event planning.


1. What is the average salary of an event manager?

The average salary of an event manager is approximately $50,000 a year. This figure varies according to seniority and experience in the field. 

2. What does the curriculum entail?

Some of the major subjects taught as part of the Event Management curriculum include business communication, organizational behavior, public relations, and event resource management, among other subjects. 

3. What is the usual duration of an Event Management course?  

A bachelor’s degree course in Event Management is usually 3 years long. A master’s degree course in the subject is 2 years in duration. The duration of diploma courses varies between 6 months to 1 year.  

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