National University of Singapore | Acceptance rate, fees & more!

Apply to National University of Singapore | Acceptance rate, fees & more!

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Ranking #11 in the QS World Rankings, the National University of Singapore offers high-quality education and research opportunities to students. Read on to know more about the National University of Singapore acceptance rate, top courses, scholarships, and more!

A leading global university, the National University of Singapore (NUS) ranks #1 in Asia for its education. The university has 13 undergraduate schools and 4 graduate colleges spread across 3 different campuses. No wonder that more than 40,000 students from 100+ countries around the world go to study at NUS! If you want to be one of them, read on to get all the important details, like the National University of Singapore acceptance rate, fees, scholarships, how to apply, application deadlines, and more.

iSchoolConnect’s summary stats on NUS-

NUS campus
The student to faculty ratio at NUS is 18:1
  • Ranking- #11 in QS, #1 in Asia
  • Acceptance rate- 25%
  • International students- 26%
  • Average fee- 25,000 SGD
  • Average living cost- 5,500 SGD
  • English test requirements- 6.5 (IELTS) OR 92 (TOEFL iBT)

NUS Singapore ranking

Each authority uses a different method to rank colleges. So it’s best to get an idea of how a particular university stands across several ranking lists.

When it comes to the National University of Singapore, the Times Higher Education rankings place it at #25 in the world.

The QS World Rankings, on the other hand, say that the NUS Singapore ranking stands #11 in the world and #1 in Asia.

Moreover, in 2021, QS ranked NUS among the top 10 institutes in the world for 16 subjects in the fields of Engineering, Arts, Social Sciences, Law, and more!

Let’s look at some of the best courses you can opt for at the National University of Singapore…

NUS Singapore courses

Offering 214 undergraduate and postgraduate courses, NUS Singapore has 14 faculties across a variety of fields. These include Engineering, Medicine, Law, Science, Arts, etc.!

Courses at NUS
The university also offers joint, concurrent, and double degrees to students

And while the university does rank amongst the best in the world, it is especially known for a few specific courses.

Some of the best NUS Singapore courses are-

  1. Petroleum Engineering (#1)
  2. Civil and Structural Engineering (#2)
  3. Chemical Engineering (#3)
  4. Computer Science and Information Systems (#4)
  5. Social Policy and Administration (#4)
  6. Electrical and Electronic Engineering (#5)
  7. Geography (#5)
  8. Materials Science (#5)
  9. Architecture (#6)
  10. Sociology (#6)
  11. Chemistry (#7)
  12. Statistics and Operational Research (#8)
  13. Mechanical, Aeronautical, and Manufacturing Engineering (#9)
  14. Mathematics (#9)
  15. Law (#10)
  16. Politics and International Studies (#10)

You should also know that NUS was placed in the top 20 for 28 out of the 37 programs in which it was ranked.

So even if you do not choose to study a different program than the NUS Singapore courses listed above, your experience at the university is going to be super-rewarding.

National University of Singapore fees

The National University of Singapore fees for international students depends on two things-

  1. The degree you want to pursue (undergraduate or graduate) and
  2. Which course you’re applying for

For example, the fee for a bachelor’s in design or engineering at NUS is 17,550 SGD per annum, whereas a master’s in the same fields would cost you 38,550 SGD per annum.

If you want to know the exact tuition fee you’ll be paying at NUS, you can visit their website and go through the current undergraduate and postgraduate fee structures.

But to give you an overall idea about the range of the annual National University of Singapore fees-


  • Undergraduate fee – 17,550 to 27,050 SGD (much higher for Medicine students)
  • Postgraduate fee – 35,700 to 64,450 (much higher for Medicine students)

But that’s not all the expenses you have to consider.

Cost of living

When you’re going to college, there are a lot of costs you need to look at apart from the tuition fee.

Like the cost of living, food, transportation, books and materials for classes, laundry, and so on.

Campus life at NUS
You would also have to consider the cost of going out with friends, be it for dinner or a weekend trip!

At NUS, these expenses amount to-

  • 8,800 to 11,500 SGD

The exact amount will change depending on which type of accommodation you choose and for how long you want to stay.

Tips to offset your expenses

There are multiple ways to offset your tuition and living expenses-

  1. Look for a part-time job to cover your living expenses
  2. Get a graduate or a teaching assistantship
  3. Use out-of-the-box money-saving tips
  4. Get a scholarship, and more

Scholarships to study at NUS

The National University of Singapore offers a wide range of scholarships to both undergraduate and graduate international students.

In order to apply, all you need to do is head to the website, select the degree you’re going to pursue, filter by subject, and shortlist the scholarships you’re eligible for.

Some of the scholarships you can apply for are-

Undergraduate scholarships

  • NUS Global Merit Scholarship
  • Wee Cho Yaw Future Leaders Award
  • NUS Sports Scholarship
  • Stephen Riady Young Entrepreneur Scholarship
  • NUS Performing & Visual Arts Scholarship

Graduate scholarships

  • NUS Research Scholarship
  • Commonwealth Scholarship
  • President’s Graduate Fellowship
  • NUS-SINGA Scholarship
  • A*Star Graduate Scholarship

Note: You will also find a range of scholarships offered by external organizations for students who want to study at the National University of Singapore.

How to apply

Applying to the National University of Singapore might not be as easy as you think.

Loan approval letter as your proof of funds
It is advisable to submit your application within the first month of its opening

The university offers graduate and undergraduate degrees in 11 undergraduate and 13 graduate faculties, including Business, Engineering, Medicine, Law, Science, Arts, Public Policy, and more!

So before you get lost, I am going to help you figure out how to apply to the National University of Singapore-

  1. Your first step will be to decide if you want to apply for admission into undergraduate, special undergraduate, or graduate programs.
  2. You can also choose a combination of a bachelor’s and a master’s degree program. Once you’ve decided, explore and pick a course of your choice.
  3. Look up the admission requirements for your chosen program. See if you fulfill the academic requirements they’ve stated. 
  4. Then, check if your standard test scores match their criteria (GRE, GMAT, SAT, etcetera, depending on the program). International students are required to take the TOEFL or the IELTS tests to be eligible for admission.
  5. Once you’re sure you are sure you fulfill all criteria, it’s time to visit the course page on their website and apply!
  6. To do this, create an account on the university website, and start filling in your application form.
  7. Add all the required information, upload important documents, and make sure you submit your application before the deadline!
  8. Once your application gets accepted, you can start applying for scholarships at NUS.

National University of Singapore application deadline

Your National University of Singapore application deadline will depend on the program you choose to apply to and which country you’re from.

In general, however, international applications for the fall semester have to be submitted between October and March. For the spring semester, the applications are usually open between April and September.

Just to be sure, we suggest you search for the program on the university website OR get in touch with us for help.

We hope you benefit from all the info we’ve shared, including the National University of Singapore acceptance rate, best courses, tuition fees, scholarships, etc.

If you feel like we missed out on something or want to know more, feel free to drop a comment. We’d be more than happy to help!

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