10 tricks on how to focus on studies

How to focus on studies | 10 Amazing tricks you must try!

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Do you find it difficult to study for long hours? We understand what you’re going through. To simplify the process and help you concentrate better, we are sharing 10 amazing tricks in this blog that will teach you how to focus on studies! Read on!

Distractions are present everywhere. No matter how hard you try to avoid them, you may knowingly or unknowingly allow yourself to stray away at times. And we know how frustrating this can be.

how to focus on studies- Henry Ford
Owing to the pandemic, studying and learning remotely has become a norm. It is easy to lose focus and motivation this way. 

But remember, you are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul! When you control your mind, no distraction can be enough to steal your focus.

So what do you need to do to build this control? Reading the 10 tips this blog would be step one. And step two would be to put them into practice!

So let’s dive straight into the tricks that will help you build your concentration!

How to focus on studies

1. Find a suitable environment

Just like a designated workplace tells your brain “It’s time to work,” a designated study space tells it- “Hey! it’s study time!” So, to program your brain, choose a specific place for your studies. And if you need your computer for studying, make sure you find a place that is close to the power supply. This will help you avoid getting up and breaking your flow. 

Your environment is also a vital factor, as it your can affect your mood greatly. So pick a quiet place with good vibes. If you still end up in a space with some/lots of background noise, try putting on earphones or headphones, or anything that blocks a major chunk of the noise. Experiment with different methods of blocking out noise and choose what works best for you.

Comfortable seating is a must. Having a study desk will help you sit upright and not slouch. This will increase your energy level and confidence. And if you have a habit of eating while studying or you need coffee, make sure to keep food and drink handy. 

2. Create a study ritual

Following a study ritual is extremely important as it helps you find your flow and focus. Start with pre-study ritual that involves clearing your desk, meditating, grabbing all the necessary study materials, making a to-do list, and so on. When the space around you is clear of distractions, your mind is free to focus on what is most important. 

When your study ritual gets monotonous, make a few changes and try something new. Go for a walk, sit outside for a while and get some fresh air, or drink water. Make your morning or evening study sessions more enjoyable by adding activities like journaling, stretching, or even watching some motivational speeches.

3. Block all distractions

You may ask us – how to focus on your studies and avoid distractions? Well, that depends on what the distracting elements are. If it’s your phone, any app, a tablet, or even your computer, then you need more self-control. For that, you need to keep your phone and computer away from where you’re studying. 

how to focus on studies- block distractions
Always reward yourself after you have successfully completed your tasks without these distractions. Play on your phone for a while as a reward!

Distracting websites and apps can ruin your productivity. Seemingly small distractions like a notification can quickly steal some minutes of your study time every now and then, easily leading you to waste hours. So before you put your phone away, disable all your notifications for a few hours or keep your phone on DND. 

4. Take small breaks

Set a timer while studying and avoid looking at the time until it rings. Take a quick break to refocus. You know what works best for you, so you can decide how much time a task requires. A three to five-minute break can be utilized to eat and hydrate. Take a longer break if needed. This helps prevent burnout when you are studying for long hours. It also keeps you focused and motivated.

Pro tip: We recommend using the forest app, as it can help you plant a tree while you set timers! 

5. Organizing, prioritizing, and focusing

When it comes down to focusing on studies for long hours, remember that planning is the key. During an exam, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and cram all your study hours together.

To avoid too much pressure and stay focused, divide your studying sessions throughout the day. It’s is a lot easier to maintain your focus this way! Plus, this strategy will help you improve memory retention over time.

6. Space out your study sessions

Being organized helps you stay productive. It also simplifies your goals, tasks, and projects. So set your priorities straight and make a daily to-do list. This will help you better manage your tasks, visualize your progress, and meet deadlines. And ultimately, your focus and hard work will help you reach your goals. 

When it comes to staying organized, using the right tools can make all the difference. There are many organization tools/apps out there, but all of them will not help you equally. So get creative and remember- trial and error is the way to go. 

7. Don’t think about grades

When you are studying, your goal shouldn’t be to get higher grades. It should be to learn more. So pay more attention to what you’re learning and how it will help you build your knowledge and skills.

Chasing grades will make you lose focus of the purpose of education. But acquiring the right skills and knowledge will help you progress more effectively in the real world. 

 8. Exercise

Did you know exercising regularly benefits not only your body but also your mind? It’s true! Exercising can improve your focus by increasing blood flow to the brain. It also boosts your brain’s dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin levels, increasing your attention span.

go for a walk
Go for a walk and admire the nature around you!

Working out can also improve your mood and sleep, reduce stress and anxiety. It helps your body get ‘unstuck’ from all the stress your it’s feeling. And as a result, you will be able to study with a clear, receptive mind.

9. Take note of your progress

Just like you make notes during a lecture to remember what’s important, write down how much you have accomplished during the day. This will help you track your progress and see how far you have come. 

You can also use these notes to review your habits and routines. This will help you spot patterns in your workflow, giving you a chance to root out inefficiencies and optimize your work.

You must remember that there are no quick or easy ways to stay focused while studying. It all comes down to self-control, motivation, and understanding what is best for you.

10. Reward yourself

When you complete a task on time, reward yourself. This will help you stay motivated and focused. It will also make you want to do better. You can reward yourself by taking a day off from studies or studying for an hour less and catching up on your favorite TV show or reading a book!

Key takeaways

  • There is no substitute for hard work. 
  • Setting a goal and working towards achieving it will bring you success.
  • We humans tend to convert our dreams into a reality if we have a defined purpose. 
  • Draw a timetable.
  • Don’t just focus on getting grades; focus on learning. 

We hope you liked the tips in this blog on how to focus on studies and will put them to practice soon. Try these tips and tell us which you found the most helpful in the comments below. 

 If you have any questions, get in touch with us!


1. What is the best time for studying?

Everybody works according to a different time cycle. For some people, early morning is a suitable study time, while for others, it may be late at night. It is up to you to find the best time for studying. 

2. Is it important to get sleep?

Yes, sleeping helps your body relax and stay calm. It boosts your energy levels and keeps your brain active.

3. Do you need to maintain a healthy diet for a better focus on studies?

Yes, eating nutritious foods and maintaining a healthy diet will keep you more energized and make it easy for you to stay focused. 

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