Highest paying jobs for mechanical engineers in 2022

Mechanical engineering jobs | Top 7 things you must know!

With several students showing interest in mechanical engineering, it is important to understand the subject well and explore all the opportunities it has to offer. To start with, mechanical engineers mainly focus on the design and construction of machines. This involves testing, analysis, modifications, and also finding cost-effective methods to improve how a machine works.   As almost every industry - from food and music to automobile and healthcare - uses machines, ...

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best jobs in canada for indians

Top 10 jobs in Canada for Indians | Salary, requirements, and more!

Jobs in Canada for Indians | An overview Canada is a country that relies heavily on immigrants to make up for its shortage of a young working population. The country is expected to accept over 1.2 million migrants by 2023. Ranked among the safest countries globally, Canada also has a meager average living cost. Moreover, healthcare for Canadian residents is government-funded, while employers also provide decent health coverage. Jobs in Canada ...

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Top 6 skill development courses

6 Skill development courses you should sign up for today!

When you're applying to a college or looking for a job, it's important to have the edge over your competition. Hence, having a clear understanding and strong knowledge of your subjects may not be enough. Skill development is also necessary and an important aspect of your growth as a professional.  This is why successful people are successful. They never stop learning and adapting. And saying that you don't have time to ...

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hotel management course

Hotel Management Course | Pursue these top courses

The hospitality sector is a fast-growing industry and a popular career choice among many. A degree or diploma in hotel management qualifies you for a job in different fields, including Hotel and Tourism Management, Hospitality Management, Catering Technology, Hotel Administration, and so on. As a result, taking a hotel management course will enable you to lay the groundwork for a career in the hospitality industry. In this blog, we'll look at ...

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10 part-time jobs near me in London

Part-time jobs near me | 10 ways to find work opportunities in London

Education in developed countries like London can be quite expensive, especially when you're also struggling to balance your livelihood. Searching for 'part-time jobs near me' is a great solution to fund your education, sustain a livelihood, manage other expenses, and spend on a much-needed dash of real-life experiences. Part time jobs also allow you to soak up the rich culture and meet new people as you earn that extra buck! ...

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GMAT prep

GMAT Prep — 4 types of questions to practice for a high score!

GMAT, like most other international qualifier examinations, has a set of important questions that are often repeated after specific intervals. So, when you begin your GMAT prep, refer to some of these questions to get a head start. You might secure a great GMAT score by practicing such common question types.  Let's dive into what the exam is and the types of questions that appear in the GMAT test. A brief introduction ...

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Prepare for final year exam

Final year exam | Top 10 tips to nail your preparation!

We realize your final year exam could be the most stressful time of the year, or maybe your entire academic journey. It's not only important to study hard but also to study smart. Since stressing out will not solve your problems, we have just the right solution for you. No, we can't get your exams cancelled, but we have curated 10 tried and tested tips to help you nail your ...

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What is a Bachelor's degree

What is a bachelor’s degree? | A complete guide for freshers

The value of all education hinges largely upon two factors- what you learn, and how you apply it. Getting a bachelor's degree can open doors to job opportunities, boost your earning potential, and expose you to new ideas. Here is a complete guide on what is a bachelor's degree, how much it costs, types, and how to choose the right one for yourself. Keep reading to know more! What is a ...

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Top 7 reasons to pursue a Masters in Philosophy

MPhil – 7 amazing reasons to pursue Master of Philosophy!

Philosophy is woven into the very tapestry of our education. Whether you're an aspiring scientist or an author, philosophy gives you a moral compass you need to make the right decisions in life. Hence, studying philosophy can provide a lot of value to you, and help you change others' lives. A specialized higher education degree, such as an MPhil, or a Ph.D. in the subject can help you gain the ...

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Top Cities in canada

5 best cities in Canada for students and why they’re famous

Known for its wide landscapes and natural beauty, Canada is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. But that's not all. It is also home to some of the top-ranking universities in the world, all of which are known for their quality of education. Fortunately, these universities are located in some of the best cities in Canada - a perk every international student should know about! So if ...

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what is biodata

A 7-step guide to writing a biodata | Biodata sample inside!

Biodata | An introduction Nowadays, most universities require the submission of biodata along with a statement of purpose and related academic documents. Therefore, as a student, you may need it for higher education. However, most students are often confused about the proper biodata format. If you have similar concerns and want to know how to create biodata that stands out, you will first need to understand what it is and its ...

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highest paying student jobs in us, uk, canada and germany

Student jobs | Employment opportunities in top countries! 

Student jobs in the US, UK, Canada, and Germany! Living abroad can be a culturally enriching as well as a self-fulfilling journey for many. The US, UK, Canada, and Germany see large crowds of students pouring in every year. These students seek to enroll in universities for higher education and become global professionals in their fields. However, studying abroad comes with a cost, and most students take up side jobs ...

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