F1 visa interview questions and how to answer them

F1 visa interview questions and how to answer them

The F1 visa interview lasts only for 3 to 5 minutes. But it is one of the most integral parts of your study abroad application process. This guide will tell you what to expect during the interview and how to prepare for it. You will get an idea of how you should plan your prep, what documents you'll need to carry, the F1 visa interview questions you might be asked, ...

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SOP for scholarship

7 insider tips to help you write the perfect SOP for a scholarship

Writing a Statement of Purpose is not easy, especially when it's an SOP for a scholarship. You need to consider a lot of factors before you start, like What are the evaluators looking for?How can I cover it under the given topic?Is there a word limit?How should I structure my Statement of Purpose for a scholarship?How to write a Statement of Purpose for a scholarship?What do I need to do once I'm ...

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MBA Statement of Purpose

MBA Statement of Purpose | Writing tips, samples, and more!

What is an MBA Statement of Purpose? The MBA Statement of Purpose (SOP) is an essay of 600-800 words summarizing your intent behind applying to a particular university. It is the backbone of your application, supporting the story behind your test scores, academics, work experience, and your future goals. Its main aim is to show the admissions committee at your dream university- Why do you want to do an MBA?Why do you believe ...

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Letter of Recommendation

Letter of recommendation samples for MS in CS | Tips included!

  When it comes to Computer Science, universities are looking for students who're good at research and have some practical experience. And what better way to showcase this than on a Letter of Recommendation from your professor or manager? But they are not going to write it for you; you'll have to draft it yourself. So where do you start? What points do you include? How long should your LOR be? ...

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How to write a college essay about yourself

How to write a college essay about yourself that stands out

How to write a college essay about yourself | An overview Most of your college application is filled with hard facts about you, like your academic scores, test scores, and the projects you've done. A college essay is the only part of your application where you get to talk about your personality. And even though your scores matter, who you are as a person tells a lot more about what you ...

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Jobs after MBA

Jobs after MBA | Finance, Marketing, Business Analytics, and more!

Choosing to do an MBA is one thing and picking the right MBA path is another. You can pursue an MBA in Finance, specializing in Business Analytics, or even become a Marketing Manager! But which jobs after MBA are the best?   Go through this list of jobs you can do after an MBA, and look at their profile descriptions, salary packages, and skill requirements. See what kinds of companies you can work ...

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MS in Germany | No tuition, quality education, and abundant opportunities!

If you want to study Engineering, Natural Sciences, or Law, and don't mind learning a bit of German, pursuing your MS in Germany is a sweet deal! The country offers quality education, does cutting-edge research, and is home to some of the top universities in the world. But that's not where it ends. Germany also has very low tuition fees, super-friendly immigration policies, and job opportunities in brands like Adidas, Mercedes Benz, ...

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Best career options for students after Engineering

What to do after engineering | Best career options for students

Anna was an engineering student in her first year. Ever since she finished high school, she'd wanted to become an Astronomer. She had gotten into the second-best science college in her country and was on her way to becoming a grand physicist. But, wait, what does this have to do with you? Well, Anna, like most of us, succumbed to peer pressure and pursued her bachelor's in engineering, instead. And ...

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50 difficult words with meaning

50 Difficult words with meaning | Tips to remember them!

Have you ever come across a word and deciphered its meaning only to know at the end that it meant something different? If this sounds familiar, this blog on 50 difficult words with meaning is for you.  You must be wondering about the importance of learning difficult words in English. Well, these words can help you sail through competitive exams, enhance your communication skills, and many such things. Read ahead to ...

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Grad schools with low GPA requirement

Complete list of 100 graduate schools with low GPA requirements

Students are often made to believe that having a good GPA is the primary requirement for getting admission into a university. But that is not true. It's not just your score that matters, it's your overall profile. For example, a student with a 3.0 GPA and co-curricular activities on his resume has a higher chance of getting into a university than a student with a 3.2 GPA score. With that in ...

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high paying part-time jobs in Australia-min

10 highest paying part-time jobs in Australia for students!

Highest paying part-time jobs in Australia | An overview Studying abroad can be expensive. But if you're smart about it, you can easily cover both your tuition and living costs and pay for your education by yourself. You can always start by looking at scholarships and grants. But they are not as easy to get. However, a part-time job is easy to find, especially in Australia. Not only that, but ...

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Why study in UK

Why study in the UK? | Is it your ideal studying abroad destination?

Students looking to study abroad often get confused when it comes to choosing the perfect destination. And the primary countries they consider are the US, UK, and Australia. While it's easy to just go with what your friends are doing, it's better to evaluate these options yourself. To help you decide, we have covered all the details about studying in the UK in this blog. Go through each of these details ...

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