general knowledge books you must know about

General knowledge books | Amazing books you must read

General knowledge doesn't only allow you to learn more about the world, but also develops your reasoning, thinking, and analytical skills. In addition, it makes you more empathetic to all that is happening and changing around you. The more you know the more confident you get.  Furthermore, many recruiters, ask you to take tests to know how well-informed you are on matters. To know what defines general knowledge and what some ...

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BPharm syllabus

B. Pharm Syllabus | 5 Things to know about the program

  Pharmacists are medical professionals trained in preparing and dispensing prescription medications to patients. As per the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, a projection of 11,300 openings is expected for pharmacists between 2020 and 2030. A Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm) program is a four-year undergraduate degree for students seeking careers as pharmacists. A B. Pharm syllabus is divided into 6 or 8 semesters- Healthcare business  Biochemical science  As a part of the program ...

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5 trending animation courses

Top 5 animation courses you need to know about

A report by the Precedence Research projects reveals that the global animation field will reach a whopping value of USD 642.5 billion by 2030. The technological advancements in the television and communication industries are a significant contributor to the growth of global animation industries. Additionally, the increased use of visual effects and technology has also had a positive effect on the field of animation. This is a competitive industry and ...

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How to become a Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer hardware engineer | Important things that you should know

Computer hardware engineer: What is computer hardware? Before moving ahead with the details of a computer hardware engineer, let's see what computer hardware consists of. In a nutshell, computer hardware comprises all the visible components, such as graphics card, CPU, motherboard, etc. Without these components, running the software that smoothens the functioning of the system is impossible. Design of the computer hardware The design can be different in terms of patterns between laptops ...

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IAS exam syllabus 2022

IAS Syllabus | All you need to know about the 2022 syllabus

The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is the executive branch's permanent bureaucracy. It is one of the three All India Services, and its members can work for the Union Government, state governments, and non-profit organizations.  Before beginning the registration process, candidates should familiarize themselves with the examination's prerequisites, such as the UPSC IAS syllabus, pattern, eligibility criteria, application method, and other pertinent information.  In this blog, we will give the details on IAS ...

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How to Become an Actor: Skills, Courses, Career and More

Acting as a career has grown in popularity throughout time. A large number of young people wish to pursue a career as an actor. To become an actor, it is important that learn the tricks of the trade. One must also possess a set of characteristics to make it in this challenging yet rewarding field. Keep reading to know how to become an actor, as well as the training ...

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5 English learning books to boost your language skills

College is one of the best academic environments to hone the relevant skills needed to survive and thrive! From analytical & critical thinking abilities to reasoning and language skills, students are provided all-around training. Of the different skills students learn during college, language abilities prove to be one of the most crucial requirements in the world today. The university environment provides excellent exposure for the development of remarkable language and communication ...

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cost of living in Norway

Cost of living in Norway | A guide for international students!

Norway is home to some of the prestigious educational institutions and universities. Therefore, this place is among the most popular study abroad destinations among students. But, it's necessary to consider various things before making a decision, including the cost of living in Norway, the best places to live in Norway, etc.  Norway's allure is heightened by the absence of tuition costs in public schools, regardless of where you come from or ...

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predeparture checklist

Pre-Departure Checklist | Best guide for a smooth transition

It goes without saying - you are a hard worker, considering you managed to get enrolled at a university abroad in these COVID times! However, the last thing you want ruining this beautiful experience is some niggling little detail. But have no fear, as we are here to assist you with a pre-departure checklist! Keep reading to discover a complete pre-departure checklist for you that handles everything from ticketing to medical forms! ...

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Cost of Living in Singapore – A Guide for International Students

The universities in Singapore consistently rank among the best in Asia, attracting international students from across the world. Statistics reveal that close to 76,100 students were enrolled in programs in Singapore in the academic year of 2020-2021. The Government of Singapore also continues to place significant emphasis on the role of higher education in the development of the nation. As a result of the government's financial investments and resources, Singapore is ...

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MBA in HR – Requirements, programs and universities abroad

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has revealed that the job outlook for human resource managers is will grow by 9% between 2020 and 2030. This leads to an estimated 14,800 openings available every year for individuals who have the relevant knowledge and qualifications. One of the most popular programs for entering the field of human resources is an MBA in HR. This postgraduate program is a popular choice for ...

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Sweden Scholarships

Sweden Scholarships | 10 Best programs for international students

Sweden is one of Europe's most popular locations for international students. The Swedish government introduced laws requiring non-EU/EEA students to pay tuition and application costs. However, the cost of the course can be covered by one of these free Sweden scholarships.  Many universities in Sweden offer scholarships in the form of tuition exemptions for international students. Let's take a look at some of Sweden's most well-known scholarship programs! 1. Blekinge Institute of Technology ...

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