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Skin Doctor | 7 Best universities for study abroad aspirants!

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Dermatology is among the most recognized niches within the healthcare industry. So if you aspire to become a recognized skin doctor, explore these 7 universities and make your dreams a reality! 

Dermatology is a branch of medicine that concerns itself with the structures and functions of the skin, as well as its diseases. A skin doctor, also known as a dermatologist, is primarily responsible for diagnosing and treating several conditions of the skin, nails, hair, etc. As a dermatologist, you can opt to care for a range of patients, from kids and teens, to adults and seniors. 

As eclectic as the job may sound, it’s common for people to suffer through skin and hair conditions, and look for a dermatologist. In fact, it’s been projected that the employment opportunities in this field will increase by a substantial 7% between 2018 to 2028. You can also expect to earn an average salary of USD 2,51,074, an amount that only increases with experience.

So if you want to be a part of this dynamic and rewarding niche, receiving the right education is key to making your dream a reality. With the right qualifications and a few years of practice, you can easily make a name for yourself in the industry. 

To help you get started, we have shared a list of 7 recognized universities for dermatology below. 

1. Victoria University – Australia 

  • Victoria University in Australia offers a 4-year full-time Bachelor of Dermal Sciences program. The course has been designed to help you develop a comprehensive foundation in all aspects of dermal science. 
  • Through it, you will develop the knowledge required to conduct lymphatic, resurfacing, light, and laser procedures.
  • They also conduct training on how to provide clients with pre and post-operative care for cosmetic, reconstructive, as well as plastic surgeries. 
  • During the program, they train you in several clinical settings. You’re also taught how to identify, manage and evaluate the social, psychological, and physical needs of clients along with their dermal conditions.
  • Understanding the cost of living in Australia will help you make an informed decision concerning pursuing this program. 

Key highlights of the course 

  • By completing this program, you will be eligible for full membership applications to the Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians. 
  • Additionally, this program is highly recognized and value in the industry, which is a significant career booster for its graduates. 

2. University of South Wales – United Kingdom

University of South Wales for skin doctor
Did you know the University of South Wales is trying to reduce its carbon footprint using various measures?
  • The University of South Wales, United Kingdom, offers a one-year Master of Science program in Dermatology. 
  • If you have completed your Postgraduate Diploma for Dermatology in Clinical Practice, you’re eligible to apply for this program. 
  • Here, you will develop the skills required to practice research methodologies and critical appraisal independently.  
  • Once the dermatology course is complete, you will be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of research and inquiry techniques. 
  • Moreover, they also train you to understand the discipline based on current research and developments in the field. 

Key highlights of the course 

  • The program conducts a regular review process based on industry skills and employment. This ensures that you are receiving an education aligned with the field’s requirements. 
  • They also inform you if they change the course content before the upcoming academic year. 

3. Novosibirsk State University – Russia

  • Located in Russia, Novosibirsk State University offers a residency program in Dermato-venerology for aspirants seeking extensive knowledge in the field. 
  • The key components of this program include clinical practice and theoretical modules. 
  • You’re also trained to relate theoretical knowledge with practical clinical experience and analyze medical information for the client’s benefit.
  • Additionally, you learn to provide high-technology and high-quality medical care to your patients. 

Key highlight of the course 

  • The faculty and residents of the program meet two times over four weeks to review the latest scientific and clinical research articles. This gives you deep insight into the current workings and developments in the industry. 

4. University of Arizona – USA

  • The University of Arizona offers a 3-year, Advanced Dermatology Residency program for aspirants seeking a specialized certification.
  • The certification provided upon completion is authorized by the American Board of Dermatology. 
  • To be eligible for this program, you should have a minimum of four years of postgraduate training as a skin doctor. This also includes a year of internship training in a medicine residency. 
  • The various areas of study include-
    • Dermatopathology and Immunodermatology
    • Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dermatology 
    • Contact and Occupational Dermatology 
    • Pediatric Dermatology 
    • Clinical Dermatology 

Key highlight of the course 

  • There are several benefits available to those who choose this program. These include professional liability, health and dental insurance, professional development allowances, and access to a recognized medical center library. 

5. King’s College London – United Kingdom

King’s College London for skin doctor
King Henry VI found this college in 1441
  • King’s College London in the United Kingdom offers a Master’s of Science in Clinical Dermatology program for aspirants seeking postgraduate training in the field. 
  • You gain intensive knowledge of dermatological diseases and get to enhance your clinical practice skills.
  • They divide the program into a combination of conferences, seminars, workshops, lectures, and clinical sessions. 
  • Prominent speakers and members of the faculty often conduct the conferences and seminars, creating a stimulating platform for learning. 

Key highlight of the course 

  • In addition, you are required to compulsorily attend the weekly and monthly seminars in Guys and St. Thomas’ hospitals. This will provide you with much-needed exposure to the clinical aspects of the field. 

6. University of Arkansas – USA

  • The University of Arkansas’s Department of Dermatology offers a comprehensive dermatology training program to both national and international students. 
  • The residency program is ACGME accredited. They additionally assign aspirations who match the program to the UAMS Internal Medicine program. 
  • This program also participates in the NRMR (National Residency Match Program) and accepts applications only through ERAS. 
  • Members of the faculty at the University of Arkansas are industry experts and actively involved at each training site of the program. 
  • The 3 training sites of the program include- 
    • Arkansas Children’s Hospital 
    • McClellan Memorial Veterans Hospital 
    • UAMS Medical Center 

Key highlights of the course 

  • You gain significant clinical experience once a week in recognized dermatology clinics. 
  • You’ll be a part of monthly rotations at hospital clinics across the city. 

7. University College Dublin – Ireland

University College Dublin
John Henry Newman found UCD in the year 1854
  • The University College Dublin offers a Professional Certificate in Clinical Dermatology that is an online certification program. 
  • The program comprises approximately 28 hours of training. This covers a comprehensive base required in the field of Clinical Dermatology.
  • They divide the lectures into a series of four blocks, covering subjetcs ranging from from Pediatric Dermatology and alopecias, to cutaneous manifestations and inflammatory dermatoses. 
  • You will also develop the expertise and knowledge required to treat common skin disorders in general practice. 
  • The lectures largely focus on case-based, patient-related problems. 

Key highlights of the course 

  • This is an online program that is delivered by over 20 of Ireland’s most recognized Specialist Register Consultant Dermatologists.
  • Additionally, an introductory session in skin biology is conducted by Professor DJ Tobin – the institute director.

Key takeaways 

  • Dermatology is one of the most recognized niches within the field of medicine. 
  • Completing a reputed program from a recognized university is key to developing the right skills required in the field. 
  • Our list of 7 universities offers a wide range of options for you to choose from. 
  • Keeping eligibility criteria in mind will help you choose the best program for yourself. 


Q1. What is the fee for Victoria University’s Dermal Science program?

Answer – You can expect to shell out USSD 124,800 for Victoria University’s Dermal Science program. 

Q2. What is the scope of the field of dermatology? 

Answer – There is massive scope for the field of dermatology, with a rising requirement of specialists in the field to treat several skin diseases. 

Q3. What is the salary for an entry-level skin doctor? 

Answer – Entry-level skin doctors can expect to earn around USD 33,500 per annum. 

This is all we have for you, for now. We hope you liked this blog and found it informative! If you have any questions you can get in touch with us, or you can also comment below.

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