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7 useful travel tips for students flying abroad

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Leaving your home and flying abroad for your higher education can be a daunting experience. We’ve compiled a list of travel tips for students that will make this transition as stress-free as possible.

Have you got admission in an international institute of your choice? All organized to take a flight abroad to study? But be on guard, prepare for the long plane carefully and be critical of time and expenses. This is so that you are not worried about all this fuss but more than ready to make this experience a bundle of awesomeness. Be a hacker and follow these travel tips for students flying abroad, as described below:

1) Consult your bank

Never forget to make a call and take the information about your bank balance from your bank. Make sure that your credit card won’t be the reason for wasting your money by charging international fees. Also check if they have any student loan packages, you can take advantage of.

2) Find out the cheapest way to fly

Tickets and money displaying Tips about cheap student flights
Most airlines require you to provide proof that you’re a student in order to access their searchable fares

This is one of the most important travel tips for students and also the key to saving a considerable sum of money. Search and try best to find out which is the shortest route to your destination. Give a profound thought to the travel company you are going to choose. Check out all the possible routes and travel companies along with the packages being provided by them to find an affordable and comfortable flight.

3) Search from various websites

It is always advised to search from multiple websites before booking. Check out the reviews and guidelines to be sure and satisfied while booking. Turn on alerts of sites like AirfarewatchdogSkyscanner or These websites are going to be helpful in finding you the best feasible routes and flight charges.

4) Go for student discounts

Plane displaying student discounts for flights
Those who apply for student discounts for flights also get the added benefit of extra baggage allowance

The good news is that some Airlines are offering student discounts. So, look for those Airlines and connect with them, to take full benefit of their student-friendly program. There are many websites who offer extravagant discounts to students and do not follow through. So, be aware of the scammers.

5) Travel smartly

Gird up and start searching all the information regarding your flight and its expenses at least 5-6 months before your flight is due. One of the most important travel tips for students is that it’s economical to book tickets on Tuesday or Wednesday. The best time to buy a cheap ticket is described to be around 3 to 5 O clock in the morning. Also, if your flight involves a transfer, such as Canada to LA, it is always wise to take these transfer flights separately to avoid accommodation problems and hours-long wait.

6) Connect with other students at university

Students chatting and following theseFlying tips for students
You can also connect with the alumni of the university you’re applying to, in order to get a sense of the successes and struggles

Nothing beats an expert piece of advice. Reach out for the student groups at your campus and gather the information that can help you in your journey. Moreover, contact your university and ask what you may to ease yourself from all the burden. Ask those students to pick you up from the Airport and help you to reach your destination.

7) Follow Airport protocol

Make it sure that you have already installed Uber pool app to book the vehicle which is going to pick you from the Airport and will leave you at your campus without having to spend a lot of money. Use Wi-Fi connection available on the Airport to book for a ride and do not forget to take a look at the map to your destination. Do not pack excessive luggage but only necessities.

By following all these travel tips for students before taking the flight, you can economize your budget. These time-saving flying tips are advantageous not only for the students but also minimize the burden on the shoulders of their parents. Go for your dream life without any worries and troubles. Best of luck to all the aspirants of success!

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