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4 Countries that celebrate the festival of colors around the world

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The vibrant festival of colors is best celebrated amongst friends and family. But as a student studying abroad, here are some ways you can celebrate Holi with newfound friends and make new memories.

It’s time for the most playful festival of the year! Holi is the festival marking the beginning of Spring. Widely celebrated in India and Nepal, Holi has now spread to different parts of the globe. Being away from home, students studying abroad miss the fun they have in their home country. To make them feel at home and increase cultural awareness, Universities celebrate the festival of colors around the world.


Australia has been an attraction for international students in recent years. One of the reasons for this is Australia’s adaption to the cultures of various countries around the globe. Like the rest of the world, Australia also partakes in the great and colorful Indian festival that is Holi. Monash University, for example, organizes a campus-wide Holi celebration where the entire student body celebrates with enthusiasm. James Cook University also encourages students to indulge in the colors to their heart’s content.




Another country favored by international students for studying abroad is Canada. With a high number of Indian communities, Canada is undoubtedly one of the countries celebrating the festival of colors around the world. International students at the University of British Columbia annually celebrate Holi in Canada.

UBC’s Indian Student Association organizes the entire event where there is Indian food, drinks, and heaps of colors! Like UBC, Royal Roads University also celebrates Holi in Canada in a unique way. Students are encouraged to use colored cornstarch powder. The event just gets better with games and music.



The United States of America has always been renowned for its cultural diversity and it is certainly one of the countries that celebrate the festival of colors. Eastern Illinois University celebrates Holi in USA to not only mark the beginning of spring but also to give students an opportunity to get together with friends and to be stress-free for upcoming exams. International students at the Florida International University celebrate Holi in USA along with other Indians residing in Miami.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has its place in the list of countries celebrating Festival of colors around the world. The University of Dundee’s Indian Society celebrates Holi in UK in their grand campus to make their international students feel right at home. Filled with food, colors and Bollywood music, students at the University of Dundee eagerly look forward to the Holi celebration. Students at the University of Kent, University of Durham, and the University of Sussex also engage in this playful festival.

Holi is another great way to bond, make new friends and mask your stress for spring semester exams. So pull out that white t-shirt, grab those vivid colors, dance to the funky Bollywood beats, and enjoy this festival.

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