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University of Oxford – Courses, fees, ranks, and more!

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Ranked first in Times Higher Education World for social sciences, medicine, health, computer science, and engineering & technology, Oxford offers cutting-edge research facilities and unrivaled resources to all of its students. Let’s dive in to learn everything about the University of Oxford – ranking, courses, fees, and more!

One of the highest-ranked universities in the world, the University of Oxford is was founded as early as 1906. Today, after decades of teaching, the university has over 350 graduate students, 70+ departments, and 45 different colleges. Known for its welcoming community and outstanding resources, the university continues to enroll strongly academic students, conduct groundbreaking research, and make significant and lasting contributions to society – regionally, nationally, and globally. Read this blog to know more about the University of Oxford courses, fees, scholarships, and admission procedures.

What are the top University of Oxford courses?

From Biochemistry and Earth Sciences to Religion and Oriental Studies, the University of Oxford offers about 50 different undergraduate courses. In addition to that, the number of graduate courses at Oxford go as high as 350, including all kinds of combined courses you could possibly think of!

University of Oxford undergraduate courses-

  • Archaeology and Anthropology
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Classical Archaeology and Ancient History
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering Science
  • Fine Art
  • Law
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Medicine
  • Human Sciences

University of Oxford postgraduate courses-

  • Ancient History
  • Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching
  • Biomedical and Clinical Science
  • Chemical Biology
  • Clinical Medicine 
  • Diplomatic Studies
  • Economics
  • Executive MBA
  • Information, Communication and the Social Sciences
  • Jewish Studies
Oxford University
All about studying at Oxford

What’s the campus life at the University of Oxford like?

Students from all parts of the world come to study at Oxford, making it a place where everybody is welcoming and supportive. Because even though everyone comes from different cultures and backgrounds, what they do have in common is academic ability and curiosity.

Your likes, interests, and hobbies will bring you closer to peers who are just like you. There are several groups and campaigns at the University of Oxford that will make you feel included and safe from the moment you arrive. And in case you are feeling stuck or need advice, you can always reach out to a peer for support.

University of Oxford Library
The University, including the colleges and Oxford University Press, is supporting around more than 30,000 jobs in the county

Coming to the campus – Oxford is a city with two universities, surrounded by a large number of manufacturing industries, publishing houses, and science and technology-based companies.

The city is filled with hundreds of cafes, bars, restaurants, music venues, theatres, shops, pubs, and clubs catering to its vibrant community. And the best part? You can explore it all on foot!

What’s the cost of studying at Oxford University?

The amount of course fee you are charged will depend on your status, that is, if you are a resident of the UK, EU/EEA, Switzerland, Republic of Ireland, or an Overseas student.

For undergraduate courses, the course fee for students from the UK or the Republic of Ireland is £9,250 per annum. However, if you are from EU/EEA, Switzerland, or Overseas, you will have to pay between £26,770 and £37,510 per annum, depending on which course you pick.

For graduate students, the charges range between £7970 and £22,050 for UK and Ireland students, and from £23,505 to £28,040 for others.

The living costs, on the other hand, will range between £1,175 and £1,710 per month for students staying on-campus. These charges include Food, Accommodation, Personal Items, Social Activities, Study Costs, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Are there any scholarships available?

The best part about studying at the Unversity of Oxford is that it makes every effort to help its students fund their studies. So, as long as apply for your course by the deadline and fulfill all the eligibility criteria, you will automatically be given a list of scholarships you can apply for.

These scholarships include Crankstart Scholarships for UK students, annual Oxford bursaries for UK and Republic of Ireland students, and several other Oxford scholarships for international students, including the ones stated below.

For undergraduate students-

  • Hill Foundation Scholarship
  • The Bright Oceans Corporation Scholarship
  • Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies Scholarship
  • Palgrave Brown Scholarship
  • Reach Oxford Scholarship

For graduate students-

  • Kellogg College Progress Scholarship
  • Wendell Herbruck Scholarship
  • Green Templeton College Charlie Perkins Scholarship
  • St Edmund Hall: William R. Miller Postgraduate Award
  • University College: Graduate Swire Scholarship

Apart from this, you will also find several individual organizations and trusts offering scholarships to students who have been enrolled at the University of Oxford. The list is unending.

How do I apply to Oxford University?

The University of Oxford offers over 400 graduate and undergraduate courses. Your first step will be to decide if you want to apply for admission into undergraduate, graduate coursework, or graduate research programs. You can also choose a combination of a bachelor’s and a master’s degree program. Once you’ve decided, explore and pick a course of your choice.

University of Oxford
There are over 24,000 students at Oxford, including 11,930 undergraduates and 11,813 postgraduates

Look up the admission requirements for your chosen program. See if you fulfill the academic requirements they’ve stated. Some schools look for students above a certain grade level, or with good grades in specific subjects.

Then, check if your standard test scores match their criteria (GRE, GMAT, LSAT, etcetera, depending on the program). International students are required to take the TOEFL or the IELTS tests to be eligible for admission.

Once you’re sure you are sure you fulfill all criteria, it’s time to visit the course page on their website and apply! If you get accepted, you can start applying for scholarships and plan your accommodation in Oxford.

What are the application deadlines?

The application deadlines depend upon the program you choose to apply to. In general, however, international applications for the fall semester have to be submitted before 31st November for graduate students and 31st October for undergrads. For the spring semester, the deadline is usually mid-June. Just to be sure, we suggest you search for the program on the university website and check out the deadlines yourself.

Anything else I should know?

A couple of things I definitely want you to be aware of-

  1. Oxford graduates are some of the best paid and their skill-sets make them highly sought after by employers. Studying at Oxford triggers a lifetime of opportunity and you will have a choice of exciting careers or further study options when you finish.
  2. To further highlight that point, I should tell you that 72 Nobel Prize laureates, 3 Fields Medalists, and 6 Turing Award winners have studied, worked, or held visiting fellowships at the University of Oxford!

Convinced you want to study at the University of Oxford? Let me know in the comments section if you’re ready to take the next step!

University of Oxford - Courses, fees, ranks, and more!
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University of Oxford - Courses, fees, ranks, and more!
The University of Oxford, ranking 1st in THE Rankings, offers cutting-edge research facilities & unrivaled resources to all of its students.
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