If you need to convert rupees to euros, you can always go to a bank or a forex agent. As the value of the currency changes every day, make sure you check the ongoing exchange rate before you go for the exchange. That way you can decide when you want to exchange your money, based on past trends. There are many places where you can exchange rupees to euros, for example, banks, airports, and local currency exchange dealers. You can easily exchange your currency at the airport, but the exchange rates are a little high. Another good option is the banks. Even when you exchange from a bank you may have to pay some extra money as banks ask for a profit amount. You can also go to a local dealer but there is a risk of getting cheated and receiving fake money. However, the exchange charges are less compared to other options. So choose your forex source wisely. I would personally suggest that you exchange it from a trusted user. If you need any more help, you can always contact us at iSchoolConnect