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3 Perfect places to study abroad for international students

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Studying abroad is a dream adventure for many. However, there is a major question every student needs answered: Which are the best places to study abroad and which one should they choose?

University life is an exciting milestone in any student’s life. People go through unique experiences and explore new environments. For an international student, this whole affair has another meaning altogether. While the USA and the UK have been the most popular study abroad countries for many years, there are other countries which have the makings for being the best places to study abroad.

Leaving your loved ones and family isn’t easy, so students have to ensure that their stay abroad is worth the effort. It’s important for them to choose a country that offers excellent educational facilities. Not only that, they have to take a look at several other concerns as well. In this article, we share the best places to study abroad for international students and tell you all about these amazing countries.

New Zealand

Image of de la salle university in New Zealand which is one of the best country to study abroad
International students can apply for a visa to work in New Zealand for up to 3 years after they finish their degree

New Zealand is a small country, but it has everything an international student can dream of having. As a nation, New Zealanders are very hospitable. Their country has a rich culture. It has a blend of ancient Maori culture and along with the key tenets of Western civilization. Not only that, but the island nation also has one of the best educational systems. The average tuition fees for Postgraduate courses in New Zealand is US$ 15,930. All the universities in New Zealand rank in the top 3% of the universities worldwide. If that doesn’t attract you, New Zealand also has a collection of scenic destinations. Adventure lovers can find themselves doing fun activities, such as sky-diving, skiing or sailing, there.


Comillas Pontifical university is one of the best places to study abroad
With its beautiful relics of the past and grand architecture, Spain is one of the most irresistible study abroad destinations.

Spain is widely regarded as one of the best places to study abroad for all international student. It has all the right ingredients to make your educational journey as informative and enjoyable as possible. Spain has an excellent educational system along with over 70 universities to choose from. International students can benefit from the country’s low living costs to ease their stay in the country. Along with that, universities in Spain have average tuition fees of 1000 Euros per semester. Spain also has a rich history and countless places to visit. The country has everything from the Moorish relics of the Alhambra Palace to the elegant La Sagrada Familia. You will also find yourself engaged in rich Spanish festivals or cheering for your favourite La Liga club. All in all, you’re guaranteed to have an experience of a lifetime.


University of Toronto in Canada is one of the best places to study abroad
Unlike other countries, Canadian universities allow up to 20 work hours per week to international students to help manage their finances

Canada is one of the world’s most welcoming countries in the world. The country is also known for its diverse and inclusive values. This means that international students have little trouble adjusting to Canadian society. International students can also enjoy a high standard of living in Canada. Moreover, Canada has one of the world’s best educational institutes. All the top 10 Canadian universities fall in the top 275 global universities. Not only that, its three best universities are included in the top 45 universities of the world. Canada’s tuition fees(Avg. US$ 12,370) are lower than those of the USA or the UK. The country also offers many amazing places to visit, including the majestic Niagara Falls along with a chain of exquisite national parks. In a nutshell, Canada is globally recognized as one of the best countries to study and work.

It can be difficult to decide which country will be the most suited for your educational journey. Not only that, but choosing the perfect university, finding the right program for you, selecting the best courses, etc. can be a confusing task. However, whatever queries you have, we have answers for them. Here at iSchoolConnect, we specialize in helping students find the best places to study abroad and guiding them to achieve their career goals in the best way possible.

You can learn more about our services, by contacting us now on our website. Or you can get more information about studying abroad, by checking out our other helpful blogs.

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