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What is immigration? | 8 Ideal countries for immigration for students.

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Most international students often look to settle in the countries they are studying in. So before you choose your education destination, understand what immigration is and how it can help. Look at this list of the best countries for immigration and find out why Canada, Australia, and Germany make it to the top of the list!

There are various factors to be considered before choosing the perfect country for studying abroad. What you call immigration, or getting Permanent Residence, is one of them. As most countries have stringent immigration policies, it becomes difficult for students to find ways to stay back and work. Still, some countries appreciate diversity and allow international students to settle as permanent residents. Here are 8 of the best countries for immigration.


Toronto skyline view for those studying in canada
The Canadian Government grants special immigration points to students who have studied in Canada.

Canada is a country that has always welcomed immigrants with open arms and is perhaps the best country for student immigration. It has an immigration-friendly work permit program along with a Post-Graduation Work Permit Program. These facilities are ideal for international students who want to study and work abroad. Under these programs, a student can obtain a work permit of up to 3 years, depending on the duration of their course.

Once a student lands a job, it becomes easier for him or her to apply for permanent residence after six months. Canada has a quality education system and highly renowned universities. Moreover, students get extra eligibility points for permanent residence if they have studied in Canada for more than a year.

Ideal countries for immigration
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The Sydney Opera house
The cost of living in Australia can be about US$300- US$500 weekly and the cost of studying in Australia can range from US$14,400 to US$26,600 annually.

Australia has been ranked as one of the best countries for higher education. However, the country is also a hub for student migration. Though Australian universities have high tuition fees, it is one of the top destinations for availing immigration.

Australia changed its post-study visa policy in 2013. Since then, it has had an influx of immigrants from different parts of the world, especially South Asia. Australia’s high standard of living, its diverse and vibrant society, and its quality education system make it one of the best countries for immigration.


A view of dresden skyline and elbe river for students who want to immigrate to Germany
Germany is a popular study abroad destination because it offers international students 18 months to find a job after graduation.

This picturesque country is without a doubt one of the best countries for studying abroad. Germany has several programs and degrees which offer free education for international students, regardless of their nationality. However, international students have to take care of the high-living costs to stay in the country. They can work for as many as 90 days a year without a work permit

Despite this stipulation, it is one of the most favorable countries for immigration. The law regarding the Entry and Residence of Highly Qualified Workers (2012) permits students to apply for residence. However, they must secure a job before their final exams and have B1 language proficiency to be eligible for it.




New Zealand

The Auckland skyline
Depending on what school you attend and what your program of study is the cost of studying in New Zealand ranges from US$9,138 to US$ 15,665.

One of the best places to study abroad and work, New Zealand is a beautiful destination for international students. With its lush greenery and pleasant climate, it’s not only is it a great place to live in but also, has an excellent education system. It also offers the best immigration policies for international students.

The New Zealand government has an informative website that provides knowledge about finding programs, universities, visa information, job opportunities, and more. International students can apply for a post-study work visa for up to 4 years through the post-study work visa.

COVID-19 News update: 

(Date: 13th September 2021)

Countries across the globe, including, US, UK, Canada, and (most) Schengen countries, are allowing international students to apply for visas. New Zealand plans to reopen its borders in 2022. 

Keep your eyes peeled on this page for more COVID-19 related updates.


View of Rio de Janerio
Higher education in Brazil can cost from around US$2000 to over US$10,000 annually.

Brazil has a rich culture and an amazingly high human development index with a variety of amazing places you can visit and explore. Moreover, the country is renowned for its kind and welcoming population. It’s relatively easy to settle in Brazil although, having and proving your proficiency in Portuguese is very important.

While Brazil’s education system is not as developed as other western countries, it has an impressive number of highly ranked universities. São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Minas Gerais, etc. are some of Brazil’s most popular study destinations.


UK London Big Ben
Students can use a single personal statement to apply to five institutes at a time through the online portal of UCAS.

One of the top study abroad destinations for a number of reasons, the United Kingdom is a culturally diverse and welcoming place. The lack of a language barrier will make it easy for you to connect with people, make friends, and ace your academics.

What’s more, UK universities consistently rank among the top universities in the world. So, after you graduate, you’ll be fully prepared for a challenging career. And the good news is that international students can stay back for two years after graduation and look for a job or work only bodes well.


Ireland harp bridge
The average annual tuition fee for international students in Ireland is around 6000 Euros.

Ireland offers a blend of rich history, city life, and beautiful nature. The Irish universities rank amongst some of the topmost universities in the world and offer courses in every possible discipline you can think of. Apart from scholarships and grants for studying in Ireland, the Irish government also offers a green card to international students. This allows them to look for a job or work in Ireland for up to a year.

Students pursuing a STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) course can, in fact, work for two years after graduation before applying for permanent residency!


Singapore city
Singapore is famous for its top-ranking universities, a booming economy, and a student-friendly climate.

The visa application process for Singapore is very different. Here, when you are admitted, the university sends you a student visa along with the acceptance letter itself! And it can be just as easy to stay back and work in this country.

One option is applying for the Tuition Grant Scheme offered by Singapore’s government. This will cover your tuition fees and, in return, make you sign a bond in which you will commit to working at a Singapore-registered company for three years after your graduation. And if you don’t get the grant, you can get a job yourself and apply for a non-renewable Long Term Visit Pass of one year.

How to choose the right country abroad

  1. First of all, check which countries you’re eligible to apply to. For example, very few universities in the US accept students who’ve had only 3 years of undergraduate education. But this isn’t a problem in countries like UK and Ireland.
  2. Second, see what course you want to pursue and which countries are known for it. France, for example, would be perfect if you want to learn perfumery!
  3. And lastly – you might end up choosing two countries. Don’t get nervous about it. See if there are universities that suit your requirements and shortlist them accordingly.

Read this detailed step-by-step guide on how to shortlist the right country for better clarity.

All the best with your applications!

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