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The carnegie mellon computer science building on the Carnegie mellon university campus

Carnegie Mellon University is known for its diverse cultural environment and innovation in the education sector. With a campus that is an eclectic mix of everyone from brilliant geeks to gifted artists, CMU is the place to be.

Founded in 1900, Carnegie Mellon University is a research university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Staying true to their school’s motto—“My heart is in the work”, the students at CMU blend their passion with their education. Not only does Carnegie Mellon attract top tier talent from around the globe, but it also has a very high concentration of Indian students.


The Carnegie Mellon University ranking is 47th on the QS World rankings list and 24th on the Times Higher Education list. CMU is also renowned for having some of the best programs in the fields of technology and fine arts. The university welcomes and encourages international students worldwide and the Carnegie Mellon acceptance rate is 22%.


The graduation ceremony of students from all disciplines at CMU(Picture Credits-cmu.edu)

Carnegie Mellon University has a graduation rate of a solid 88%. From Computer science, Mathematics and Artificial intelligence to Business Administration, Biotechnology and Fine arts, CMU has it all. Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science is one of USA’s top-ranked schools for all Computing programs.

GPA- CMU requires an average GPA of more than 3.2 out of 4

SAT/ACT- The scores required are Reading and writing: 660-750 and Mathematics: 720-800 for SATs and 31-34 in ACT.

GRE- They require an average score of 315 total.

TOEFL/IELTS- 102/7.5

Tuition and other expenses:

The average accommodation expenses at CMU are $12,830 and the Carnegie Mellon tuition fees are $50,665 on an average. While the Carnegie Mellon tuition fees may seem steep, CMU sets aside a substantial sum of $30,132 as a scholarship fund for those in need. There are also a wide range of Carnegie Mellon scholarships for international students.  Make sure you check the eligibility criteria for the scholarship and apply accordingly.


Research advancements:

In 2015, TCS, India’s largest IT services provider, gave Carnegie Mellon $35 million to fund a new facility and student scholarships.

Carnegie Mellon is a research university unlike any other. From the Center for Technology Transfer and Enterprise Creation (CTTEC) to its corporate and institutional partnerships, CMU is home to pioneers in groundbreaking research. The faculty fosters a practice of students participating in research throughout the Carnegie Mellon campus. At CMU, the faculty and the students focus on melding science and technology with everyday life.

There is never a shortage of things to do once you step out of the university grounds. You could explore the Pittsburgh area, peruse the local art scene, visit the museums and theatres or just go to Walnut Street for shopping and drinks. Carnegie Mellon University also encourages its students to explore a wide range of student organizations and activities.

Why CMU?

The exuberant freshmen at CMU during their orientation(Picture Credits- cmu.edu).

Carnegie Mellon University doesn’t just provide the students with their basic education. They inculcate leadership qualities, communication and interpersonal skills, creativity and problem-solving skills among its students. As a result, education at CMU gives you an edge over your peers and prepares you for the big, wide world outside.

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