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The Ultimate Guide to New York University | Ranking, fee, courses & more!

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New York City is many things. Some call it the Big Apple, to others it is the city that never sleeps. However, that’s not all it’s known for. Located in the heart of the city is one of its crowning jewels, the New York University.

Ranked 26th by TIMES World ranking, New York University, or NYU, is an alma mater to over 37 Nobel laureates, inventors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and founders of Fortune 500 companies. NYU is a mix of education and fun, with a typical uni life when inside the campus and an incredible experience of city life just a few steps outside.

Built in 1831, the university is situated in Manhattan with a campus that measures a whopping 230 acres. Besides this huge NYC campus, NYU has 11 other academic centers in places like Berlin, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Tel Aviv, Israel, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai!

Courses at NYU

NYU offers over 400 undergraduate and graduate courses to 40,000 students from 6 different continents! No wonder the range of these courses is huge. From Physics and Astronomy to Psychology, Arechelogy, and Law, NYUs 20 schools have a lot to offer.

Some of the best courses at NYU include-

Accounting and Finance


Law and legal studies

Psychology, and


Moreover, NYU has close to 100 research centers and institutes making breakthroughs in the fields of medicine, policy, infrastructure, environment, and more.

Life at NYU

Students at Strawberry festival
Students volunteering at Strawberry Festival ( Picture credits- New York University-

NYU has not only the best academics but also a wide range of extracurricular activities. Each of its schools has clubs that organize fests and events every year/semester.

Having the highest number of international students, NYU also has students’ associations. Like the Graduate Indian Students association which organizes Indian festivals and events which make one feel right at home on these special occasions.

A delicious highlight of the year is NYU’s Strawberry Festival where you can enjoy carnival games, giveaways, music, and the longest strawberry shortcake!

Central Park
The iconic Central Park (Picture credits – Virtual Tourist –

And if all the activities on campus aren’t enough, you can always explore New York City! The city has a lot to offer and is often dubbed as the greatest city in the world. All you have to do is step out of the university grounds!

Take a walk in the sprawling beauty of Central Park and drop by the Conservatory Garden. Visit the garden hiding amidst the crowded NYC on the rooftop of the iconic Rockefeller Centre. Experience the various cuisines of the world, explore the city’s unique culture, and be a proud New Yorker!

Academics and Admissions

NYU appoints Admissions Ambassadors who play a crucial role in the recruitment efforts of the Admissions office. (Picture

New York University has 11 schools and over 230 areas of study and 10 libraries with over 5.9 million volumes. NYU is famous for its Arts and theatre programs offered by the Tisch School of the Arts. Other than that, the university also has prominent programs in accounting and finance, engineering, mathematics, law and legal studies, psychology and philosophy.

Being one of the top universities, it has a fairly strict international students acceptance rate of 20%. Moreover, like most prominent universities, NYU expects good academic scores along with other prerequisites. These include-


IELTS – 7.5/9 bands

GRE – 160 (Quantitative), 4.0 (Analytical Writing)

GPA – More than 3.7

SAT – 1382

ACT – 31

(Statistics above obtained from

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NYU tuition fees and NYU financial aid

NYU provides scholarships, financial aid and educational opportunities to all talented students. (Picture credits-

New York University holds a place in the list of most expensive colleges in the US, with the NYU tuition fees at $53,308 on average. And if you add living expenses, transport costs, food charges, and more, the average cost of living and studying at NYU amounts to $75,502 per year (which is very close to the cost of studying at Yale).

However, NYU also offers average scholarships worth $30,319, bringing down the yearly expenses to $42,397 per annum. And it helps to know that close to 70% of NYU students receive NYU financial aid.

Some of them include-

  1. The Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant Program, which provides grants up to $3,965 to the students
  2. The Federal Pell Grant

Along with these aids, the university also offers students employment programs that can provide NYU tuition fees cancellation and a stipend. 

How to apply to NYU

New York University has over 20 schools and colleges, which collectively offer more than 400 graduate and undergraduate programs. Your first step will be to decide if you want to apply for admission into undergraduate, graduate, or high school programs. You can also choose a combination of a bachelor’s and a master’s degree program. Once you’ve decided, explore and pick a course of your choice.

Look up the admission requirements for your chosen program. See if you fulfill the academic requirements they’ve stated. Some schools look for students above a certain grade level, or with good grades in specific subjects.

Then, check if your standard test scores match their criteria (GRE, GMAT, LSAT, etcetera, depending on the program). If you’re an international student, you will have to take the TOEFL or the IELTS tests to be eligible.

Once you’re sure you are sure you fulfill all criteria, it’s time to visit the course page on their website and apply! If you get accepted, you can start applying for scholarships and plan your accommodation at NYU.

NYU application deadline

The application deadlines depend upon the program you choose to apply to. In general, however, international applications for the fall semester have to be submitted before 1st November. For the spring semester, the deadline is usually the first week of June. Just to be sure, we suggest you search for the program on the university website and check out the deadlines yourself.

Anything else I should know?

Yes, a few interesting facts-

  • 51% of students receive two or more job offers after graduation
  • The average starting salary for NYU graduates with a BS or BA is $64,895 
  • The university has over 300 clubs and organizations and 23 varsity sports!

So if you also want to be a part of NYU’s legacy and graduate from this incredible university, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start your application process.

And in case you get stuck, feel free to reach out to us or drop a comment below. We’d be very happy to help!

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