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Message writing format, examples and samples | Bonus tips inside!

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The correct message writing format consists of date, time, receiver’s name, message, and sender’s name. But there’s a bit more to it than that. This blog tells you everything you need to write the perfect message – message writing format, a few examples, and insider tips & tricks! 

A message is a quick piece of information that you write for someone when you can’t reach them directly. This message can be written or delivered verbally, and conveyed by a number of methods, including phone calls, SMS, and emails. But that doesn’t mean the message writing format is different for every channel.

The English curriculum for school children provides a generic form of message writing. The students are expected to know how to format the basic inputs into a well-written format. It’s important to follow a consistent format when conveying messages, as it is a critical aspect of communication, and you risk losing your reader’s attention (and your marks) if you don’t do it the right way.

So let’s have a look at this typical message writing format that’s taught in schools-

Message writing format




Dear _______ (Receiver’s Name) 

Body Text 

Your Name 

Essential points to add to your message

  • Heading: Begin by writing the header in capital characters as ‘MESSAGE.’ It should be in the center of the page at the top. 
  • Date: You must write the date in the expanded format (28th December, 2021) on the left-hand side of the page.
  • Time: It is ideal to include the time in the message. But, there is no standard position where it should be placed. It can be on the left under the date or on the right side next to it. 
  • Body: It is the principal passage of your message, and should include all pertinent information. Avoid using long sentences here. Instead, make it brief, precise, and use around 150 words. 
  • Sender: The sender’s name should appear at the bottom of the left side of the message. 

Word limit 

You must adhere to the given word limits to succeed in message writing. The message writing format has a set standard word restriction of 50 words. So make sure you get all the important points across within this word limit. 

Writing a message from a conversation 

When given a dialogue between two people, you have to write a message from that exchange. You can follow the standard message writing format and then add a summary of your chat, as well as notify the receiver of your message. 

Example 1

You are John. Your mom had recently undergone a physical examination. The assistant from the doctor’s office called to inform you of the results of her reports. You leave a message for her since you have to go out. Compose a message about the subject in no more than 50 words. 

Assistant: Is this Gellar’s residence? 

You: Yes. May I know who is calling? 

Assistant: I am Rhonda calling from Central Diagnostic Center. I would like to speak to Mrs. Gellar. 

You: She’s not home right now. 

Assistant: Could you please inform her that I have reviewed all her test results. There are no major problems as of now, but we might have to do more tests if needed. I told her to keep taking the same medications for another week. I scheduled her appointment with the cardiologist for 4 PM at the State Hospital. She must arrive with all her reports on time. 

You: Thank you very much, Doctor. I will convey the message.



21st January 2021 Time 11:00 am 


Dear Mom, 

Rhonda from the Central Diagnostic Center called us this morning. She said that the your test results are fine, and that there are no major problems right now. But we might have to do more tests in the future. She has scheduled an appointment with the cardiologist for 4 PM at the State Hospital, and you must be there with all your reports on time. 


Example 2

Learning to write messages can be quite beneficial when communicating with colleagues and clients.

Your name is Phoebe. Your brother is absent from the house. You got a call from his friend Joey about the music lesson being cancelled. You’ll leave a message for him because you have to depart. In no more than 50 words, compose a message regarding the same. 

Joey: Hello! Is this Buffay’s residence? 

Phoebe: Yes. May I know who’s calling? 

Joey: I am Joey, Frank’s friend. Can I talk to him? 

Phoebe: He has gone down for a bit and forgot his mobile here. Can I pass a message? 

Joey: Sure. I called to tell him that today’s class was cancelled as our teacher was delayed on her way back home. It is rescheduled for Sunday. Please inform him of the same. 

Phoebe: Oh! Sure. I will. Thank you. 

Joey: You’re Welcome. Bye. 



21st January 2021 Time 11:00 am 


Dear Frank, 

Your friend Joey from your music classes called and informed me that today’s dance class is cancelled because the teacher was delayed on her way back home. It has been rescheduled for Sunday. 


Practice tasks

Exercise 1

Chandler: Hello, May I speak to Ross? 

Monica: Sorry, my brother is not at home. May I know who this is? 

Chandler: Hi, This is Chandler, I am Ross’s classmate. Can you tell him that the soccer match at school tomorrow is postponed to next Saturday? 

Monica: Sure, I will pass on your message. 

Chandler: Thank you! 

As Monica has to visit her friend, she leaves a message for Ross as per her conversation with Chandler. 

Exercise 2 

Your name is Rachel. You stay in the college hostel and share a room with Monica. You are going to get a health check-up as you haven’t been feeling well since the morning. Your roommate’s classmate came to your room a while ago and asked you to tell Monica that they need their math notebook back. Draft a message telling your roommate about the same. 

Exercise 3 

Practicing writing messages for different situations can help you draft the right message every time.

You receive a phone call from your dad’s office in his absence and have the following conversation with the speaker-

Mr. Gellar: Hello, Mr. Green? 

You: Hello, Dad is not at home, may I know who’s calling? 

Mr. Gellar: I am Jack Gellar, your Father’s assistant at his office. 

You: Hello, Mr Gellar. He is not at home. Do you have a message for him? 

Mr. Gellar: Yes. Please inform him that the 10 am meeting has been rescheduled to 12 PM. 

You: Okay, Uncle. I will tell Dad once he comes back.

Exercise 4

Take a look at the following notes from the notepad of Mr. Jose, Principal of JM School. As his assistant, you have to draft a message on his behalf to Mr. Carrow, the Vice Principal of the school. 


– Meeting at 10.30 am in the Principal’s office 
– Topic of Discussion: Interschool Sports Meet 
– Review of preparations 
– Another meeting with the coordinators and the in-charge at 11.30 a.m. to check on the status of the sports meet preparations.

Tips and tricks 

  • Use straightforward and simple vocabulary while composing the message. Avoid using long sentences and difficult words as they are hard to understand.
  • Keep your writing to a maximum of 50 words. 
  • Reduce the number of words to a minimum and avoid including irrelevant information. 
  • Before you begin writing, make a plan for the entire subject. Cover all aspects of the subject and attempt to stick to the time limit specified in the question.
  • Avoid using long sentences in your response.
  • It’s crucial to double-check everything. Check for typos and grammatical issues once you’ve finished writing. 


Q1. What is the best way to compose a message? 

Answer – Create a message structure that includes five key elements that will entice a reader – heading, date and time, salutations, body, and addresser. 

Q2. Is message writing written in a box?

Answer – Yes, as a casual or official note, a message is always written in a box with maximum 50 words. 

If you want to write a good message, here are some key points-

  • Write only valuable points. 
  • Always write the message in a box. 
  • Do not make any grammar or spelling mistakes. 
  • Do not mention any new information in the message. 
  • Write the date, day, and time in a proper format.

Feel free to check out our blog for more such posts!

Happy Learning!

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