Study aborad consultants in India

Top 10 study abroad consultants in India | A detailed guide!

Study abroad consultants in India | An overview     International education has a lot to offer that education in India does not. You get better teachers, exposure to different cultures, amazing research opportunities, and a job market that is waiting to hire you abroad. But getting there is not easy. This is why a lot of students prefer to go to an overseas educational consultant for help. And this is why we ...

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How to get into culinary school | Everything you need to know

Culinary schools worldwide strive to turn their students into master chefs. Here, you will learn how to cook, prepare, and present food while also understanding how to manage an entire restaurant. And while going to culinary school does not come without its challenges, it's one of the best pathways you can take to become a chef. So, if you're wondering how to get into culinary school, what subjects you'll learn, ...

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iSchoolConnect's AI-tools

How to study abroad hassle-free with iSchoolConnect

'What are the most confusing aspects of the study abroad process?', is a question we asked hundreds of study abroad aspirants. Out of all the responses we received, here are the top 5 things students find most confusing: Information about universities Tests required to study abroad University application process Writing the Essays/SOPs Preparing for the Visa interview Well, guess what? iSchoolConnect has online AI-powered tools that can help you understand and deal with all of these ...

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The 6 best countries for MBA aspirants in 2020

A lot depends on the country you choose to pursue your MBA in. The time you spend studying, the kind of opportunities you will get, and even what your career will be like post-graduation. This is why it's important to choose wisely. In this blog, you will find a list of the best countries for MBA, which universities they are known for, what your tuition fees will be, and more. I ...

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Step-by-step guide choosing a university

How to choose a university program | Step-by-step guide with examples

How to choose a university program | An overview A lot of websites will only tell you what factors to keep in mind when you choose a university program. While some of these points matter (like location, weather, etc.), others should matter more (like cost and faculty). But nobody tells you that. In this blog, I have shared a detailed step-by-step guide on how to choose a university course. It will give ...

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UNSW Sydney

UNSW Sydney | For dreamers, thinkers, and leaders

UNSW Sydney | A brief overview Ranking highest in Australia for employability, UNSW Sydney is one of the best universities for international students. The universities welcoming student community, research-driven courses, and international faculty are some of its most attractive trademarks. What's more, you will find that UNSW courses for undergraduates and graduates are offered in a multitude of fields. Like most MBA programs in Australia, UNSW's MBA is known for training ...

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Improve skills

Skills to learn during quarantine | 6 Easy upskilling tips!

This lockdown has given us a lot of things to think about. All the time we are saving by not traveling to and from work has helped us work on other things, like our health, or spending more time with family. But even after that, we all have quite a bit of time left, which we can easily use to find skills to learn during quarantine. Thanks to WiFi, the ...

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University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia | Ranking, courses, fee, and more!

The University of British Columbia is a public university located in the largest city in Northern British Columbia, Canada. It has a beautiful campus with plenty of greenery, a thriving arts and culture community, and an excellent academic reputation. Moreover, the university is research-oriented and follows a practical, hands-on learning approach. This, and the fact that everyone at the university has an international outlook, makes it very warm and welcoming ...

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Are you interested in Data Science?

Everything you need to know about studying Data Science

In 2023, from the episodes you binge on Netflix to your Instagram scrolling habits and shopping preferences, data plays a pivotal role. Leading companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, and YouTube are harnessing vast amounts of information. With the surge in data comes the rising demand for Data Scientists—experts adept in data management, possessing stellar computational abilities, deep mathematical knowledge, and a sharp business acumen. Interested in joining this cutting-edge field? ...

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Studying in New Zealand | Top universities, cost, visa, and more!

New Zealand might seem like a small island in the Pacific ocean, but it's so much more than that. Ranking high on the Global Peace Index, New Zealand offers a relaxed lifestyle and a perfect balance between modern life and beautiful nature. Not only that, but it also has a thriving economy. The country is known for its unique, hands-on learning approach and the opportunities it offers to international students. ...

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MBA without work experience

Top 10 universities for MBA without work experience!

Pursuing MBA without work experience An MBA is an internationally recognized degree due to its high versatility. MBA degree students learn many skills that prepare them for various roles in the business world. MBA applicants are usually young students with minimum work experience. Many colleges are open to offering students with limited to no work experience the opportunity to apply for an MBA degree. Through leadership skills and exploring the latest international ...

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Studying in Ireland | Why it is the best decision you’ll ever make

Studying in Ireland: A little about the country A small island located at the western tip of Europe, Ireland is a place full of lush green lands and ancient castles. But that's not all. Ireland is also an innovative and progressive country. Universities in Ireland are known for their quality of education and cutting-edge research. They consistently rank amongst some of the top institutions in the world. What's more, Ireland is ...

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