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How I got into UC Davis | Student success story, Preethi Muruganandam

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How good is it to have a dream? And what’s better than that dream becoming a reality? This is what summarises Preethi’s student success story with iSchoolConnect. Read on to know about her journey and learn how she made it to the University of California, Davis. 

UC Davis is a research university ranked among the best colleges in the world. It is a dream university for many international students, one of them being Preethi Muruganandam. A student of SRM University, Preethi has completed her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and will be moving for a Master of Science in Computer Science to the University of California, Davis. Her student success story is a must-read for those trying to figure out how to study abroad, especially at a top university in the US. 

student success story
Streamline your applications for studying abroad. Plan things in advance.

Born and raised in a household where education is an important pillar of one’s personality, Preethi knew she had to make it big in life. It is safe to say that Preethi’s love for learning goes back to her family’s roots. So when we asked her what inspired her to study abroad, her answer was ‘My family!’ It is so good to hear from people how their families are a big support to their dreams. We were elated to hear how her parents and grandparents planned her path, keeping in mind her aspirations. And today, when she has finally got her visa to study abroad, she cannot wait to begin this new chapter.

iSchoolConnect and Preethi’s way forward

Preethi always knew that she would move abroad for her studies. But when the time came, she was all over the place. While she was looking for different study abroad consultants to ease her application process, she couldn’t find one. Luckily, things started to seem bright as she got a mail from her college. That mail spoke about iSchoolConnect, its services, and how it helps students move abroad for their studies. 

Preethi did some research and read about our exclusive program for SRM university students. We were offering our services to the top 20 SRM students for free. Reading this, Preethi instantly applied for the program, and guess what? She was one of the top-ranking students who got into this program.

Preethi availed of our services for free, as promised, and began her application journey with us. Our student success story series is a reminder that it is the sheer hard work that can take you places.  

Choosing universities and building a profile

With a GRE score of 323 and 111 in TOEFL, Preethi worked hard on building her profile. As we always say, your profile is much more than just your grades. Preethi’s strategies are a perfect example of how you should move forward with building a strong profile. Make a note of these success tips so that you can plan your study abroad journey the right way.  

“You can write research papers to strengthen your profile. It will definitely help you sail through the rigorous application process and interviews.”

Preethi has already published a research paper, and the next one will be published soon in August. It is always advisable to work on your profile as much as your work for your grades. 

student success-build your profile
Strengthen your profile to get into your dream university.

“I categorized colleges based on various factors, and I am grateful that iSchoolConnect helped me categorizing universities as per my strengths and weaknesses.”

Preethi applied to 14 universities, a bit more than what people usually apply to, and she thanked us for helping her do so. She chose the colleges based on the course she wants to pursue, the curriculum, and their ranks. We helped her bifurcate colleges in reach, dream, and safe categories. This enabled her to choose the right set of universities, 10 in the US (including UC Davis) and 4 in Canada. 

The application process its challenges

One of the most dreadful yet important steps to your study abroad journey is the application process. This step lays the foundation for such success stories of students. When we asked Preethi about her application process, she said, “I started applying to universities when COVID-19 was at its peak. Virtual meetings and processes took the forefront. I had a bit of a hard time as everything went virtual.”

“Give your teachers some time to write you a Letter of Recommendation. As everything is virtual now, it might lead to some delays. Make sure that you are in constant touch with your teachers for the LOR.”

The application process is difficult; what makes it tiresome is when you apply to various colleges simultaneously. Preethi says that it is a bad idea to apply to 3-4 colleges at once. You are bound to miss the applications or documents. So, apply to only one or two colleges simultaneously. Finish the application, submit it, and then move on to the next one. 

But what about the finances?

Let’s face it; you tend to get confused while planning for finances to study abroad. It is not a last-minute game; you need to start planning way early.

student success- plan finances
Start planning about your finances as you start your application process or even before that. This step takes time, and you sure don’t want to miss any deadlines.

When we asked Preethi about how she planned her finances, we were happy to hear that she started long back. She says, “My parents started planning for finances years ago, and I started putting everything in place the day I began my application process.” 

It is important to get your bank and education loan statements in time and apply for everything in advance. Be sure of having all the documents in hand is a great answer from Preethi to how to study abroad.

Student success experience with iSchoolConnect

As Preethi began her application journey with us, we were eager to know about her experience. She had one word to describe her experience – Amazing! 

student success -application process
Research thoroughly about the application process. Reach out to professionals if you need help with your applications.

“The counselor guided me about applying to colleges, took two mock visa interviews with me, and saved me on my visa interview day.”

She was assigned a counselor at the beginning who was there with her till she got her visa. The constant guidance helped her choose the right universities and ace the interviews. When asked how about recommending us to people, she smiled and said “Definitely!”

Future plans and a final advice

While Preethi is moving out for her master’s degree, she has already started thinking about what’s next. She is making her way for the future and would go for a Ph.D. after completing her master’s degree. 

“Everything important in life takes time and effort. Go one step at a time and you will eventually reach there.”

Preethi is a firm believer in all well that ends well. While the application journey and the visa process were no cakewalk, she is happy that everything worked out. 

One of the many success tips she has for future study abroad aspirants is not to stress it out. While the process is overwhelming, taking things one step at a time will do wonders. Find the right study abroad consultants, if need be, and your student success story will make the noise. Stay updated with all the application and visa processes. 

We congratulate Preethi and wish her all the best for this new and exciting journey ahead.

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