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Every student has innumerable doubts about studying abroad. In this student interview, we ask some of these most common and pressing questions to Vaibhav Gokhale, a recent graduate of the remarkable University of Bristol, UK.

Originally a science student, Vaibhav pursued a bachelor’s degree in the prestigious Institute of Hotel Management(IHM), Goa. With considerable work experience of more than a year in a managerial position, Vaibhav decided to apply for a Masters in International Business Management abroad. He applied for several universities with a GRE score of 321 and an IELTS score of a solid 7/9. While he applied to several universities across the globe, in the end, the University of Bristol, one of the top universities in the UK, was his final choice. In this student interview, we asked Vaibhav all about how he got into his dream university and what study abroad advice he could give us.

1) How long did you take to prepare for university applications and IELTS?

Vaibhav tells us that it took him almost a month to prepare for IELTS and approximately 10 days to write his Statement of Purpose(SOP) for each of the universities he was applying to. When it comes to planning his education overseas, Vaibhav says, “To join the academic year starting in September, I started my applications exactly one year prior.”

2) How many universities did you apply to? 

Due to their exceptional education standards, the University of Bristol has a graduation rate of 94%

Impressively, Vaibhav applied to 5 universities in Canada and the UK and got accepted into 4 of them.

  1. University of Bristol
  2. The University of British Columbia
  3. University of Bath
  4. Cardiff University
  5. Queen Mary University of London

After deliberating the pros and cons of each, Vaibhav chose the University of Bristol, UK, as his study abroad destination.

3) Why choose the University of Bristol?

When asked this question in his student interview, Vaibhav candidly told us that some of the major reasons he had for choosing the University of Bristol, UK. Some of them were:

  • Great reviews and tips from alumni (Vaibhav found and spoke to the university alumni on LinkedIn)
  • Great cultural diversity
  • Renowned faculty
  • Good curriculum

4) How’s the cultural life at college?

International students in University of Bristol celebrating Holi
The University of Bristol boasts a student body of individuals from 130 different nationalities

The University of Bristol prides itself upon providing great cultural diversity and various social opportunities. Vaibhav tells us that the university is,

  • Quite diverse. The student body comprises many ethnicities.
  • They have over 200 cultural societies for every type of activity imaginable. 
  • They allow students to join a variety of clubs such as-Kabbadi club, Badminton club, Hindu society, etc.
  • All big festivals and occasions are celebrated college-wide.

5) Did you work Part-time? Any tips?

While he was studying abroad in the UK, Vaibhav worked part-time as a manager for an event and catering company. Of course, all university students are allowed to work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours/week. In order to make the best of your part-time job and make the most money in your part-time job, here are some specific tips you can follow. Vaibhav suggests:

  • If you do a part-time job, it’s ideal to plan your work shifts in the afternoons or evenings. That way, you can study and attend classes during the day.
  • The best way to get more money is to work during the holidays and on Sundays. Doing so pays better. 

6) What are your favorite hangout spots around the college?

View of the Clifton Bridge
The Clifton Bridge and beyond it, the Ashton Court are very popular hangout spots for all students and residents

Located 2 hours away from the lively London, Bristol is a cultural and social hub for a variety of cool spots for the university students to hang out and visit. Not only do they have some truly scenic destinations such as the harbourside and the Clifton Bridge, but Vaibhav tells us that food places such as the Zaza bazaar, Wok to walk, and Eat a pita, were highly frequented by the students at the University of Bristol.

7) Any advice you wish to give to aspirants who wish to study abroad?

Vaibhav tells us that while education abroad is certainly important, its the whole journey and what you learn from your experiences is what matters. He tells,

Be open to new people and new experiences. It’s also important to start your applications as early as possible. That way, you get a chance to apply for scholarships, courses, dorms, etc. 


Deciding to study abroad researching all the correct information is a confusing and time-consuming task. At iSchoolConnect, we help you find and apply to your dream university from the comfort of your home. From helping you choose the perfect program to finding the best accommodation abroad, iSchoolConnect helps you do it all. We ensure that your entire university admission process is smooth and stress-free. If you have any queries about studying abroad, contact us on our website and learn more.

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