MBA in operations management

MBA in Operations Management | Universities, careers & more!

An MBA in Operations Management is among the most popular postgraduate choices for students across the world! If you are considering pursuing an MBA in this specialization, then learn everything you need to know about this lucrative program here! MBA in Operations management is a multidisciplinary field that involves planning, organizing, and supervising production, manufacturing, and the provision of services.  The overall employment rate for operations managers is projected to grow by ...

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Featured image for HR manager blog.

HR Manager | 8 things you should know to become one!

The HR department is the backbone of an organization. An HR manager is reponsible for streamlining operation while leading the team with confidence. If you want to make a career in human resources, this blog is for you. #1 Importance of the HR department Starting with the most fundamental point, the HR department is the key to a company's success. Their work is usually behind the scene, but it is important nonetheless. ...

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MBA VS EMBA- Which is best for you

EMBA vs MBA: What is the most suitable option for you?

B-schools all over the world are now providing multiple EMBA and MBA course options to working professionals who want to climb up the corporate ladder. But before you make a decision, it's important to know the differences between these two programs and what they have to offer. MBA (Masters of Business Administration) and EMBA (Executive MBA) are two of the most commonly chosen courses amongst working professionals today. Both these programs ...

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5 Best MBA courses you must know about

Best MBA Courses | 5 Amazing courses from around the world!

Interested in learning the primary aspects of business management? Look no further! This blog lists out the best MBA courses in the world, along with the top colleges where you can study them. Read on! Despite a sincere inclination in students and professionals from several fields to pursue an MBA, there is a lack of competent management graduates in the international employment market. So taking up this discipline as your postgraduate ...

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Why do an MBA in finance

MBA in Finance | Top 7 things you must know!

Are you considering doing your MBA in Finance? Or just curious about what studying it will be like? Well, this article is just for you. Learn about MBA in Finance, its scope, salary, job potential, and more! An MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a degree that is focused on running a business successfully. The course covers a wide range of subjects - from Administration and Marketing to HR and Product ...

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MIM vs MBA What to choose

Top 5 differences between Master’s in Management and MBA

You’ve probably heard about the relatively new Master's in Management (MIM) course. It is a general management program that is often compared to an MBA course. This blog lists out the key differences between an MBA and MIM degree to help you make the right choice. Everyone knows what an MBA is. The highly coveted degree teaches incredibly versatile skills instrumental in making future business leaders and managers. However, there ...

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MBA in International Business

Top schools for MBA in International Business

Interested in global markets, supply chains, and international relations? Here are some of the best universities for MBA in International Business along with their curriculum, duration, and fee. For years, organizations have been expanding their businesses in international markets. Now, with the world being pulled closer and several startups surfacing in every corner of the globe, the need for students skilled in International Business has never been greater. No wonder more ...

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